6 Steps For Planning The Perfect Getaway With Friends

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A getaway with friends is the perfect opportunity to have the time of your lives. Outside of your normal environment everyone lets their hair down, and there are plenty of chances to create memories you’ll look back on for life.

That being said the planning behind the perfect getaway shouldn’t be taken lightly, and following these 6 tips should make it much more likely that the getaway will run smoothly.

Step 1: Mind your invites

When planning a getaway it’s easy to get carried away and just invite anyone you can think of. While planning a getaway with a big group of friends can be fun, ‘the more the merrier’ isn’t true in all cases. A getaway puts you in the company of those you are travelling with for long periods of time, and will show people in a light you may never have seen them in before. Pick friends that you know you get on well with, and make sure there is no tension between anyone in the group.

Step 2: Plan the details

Are you all travelling from the same destination? Are you all available on the same dates? How long is the best time for everyone to go? It may seem obvious but not considering the small details carefully enough can lead to a disaster when planning a getaway. Checking off anything that may cause a problem is a must, as is making sure the details work for each person within the group.

Step 3: Find a purpose

Are you going to relax, sight see, or do you just want to let your hair down? Knowing what you want from the getaway will mean that you can fit in plans to cater to your needs. Just booking a trip without considering what you are really going away for can make it a wasted journey, and could lead to you and your friends having conflicting ideas on why you’re actually there.

Step 4: Pick the right destination

Once you’ve decided what you’re going away for, the next big decision is where to go. When picking a destination it’s important to consider your budget, the sort of atmosphere you are looking for and how you’ll be getting there – and back. Be sure to take a look at the news for where you are travelling, and make sure it’s a place that you all agree to go.

Step 5: Use Google

Before making anything final Google as much as you can. Look up reviews of where you are planning to stay, find out the best places to go while you’re there, any fun activities you might want to do and any essentials that you may be required to bring. Whether you are going to a place you have never been before, or you are returning to a regular location a Google search is always a good idea to see if there are any issues you are likely to face along the way.

Step 6: Divide up the packing

When you know where you are going and what you will be doing planning the packing for the trip is essential. Do you really need 5 bottles of Bumble & Bumble thickening shampoo? (yeah we know it’s amazing) Do some of you wear the same size clothes? The weight limit for luggage isn’t great, and if you are travelling in a car you want to optimise the space as much as possible, so having a strategy for your packing is the perfect way to overcome this!

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