6 Stories That Will Cheer You Up On The Most Depressing Day Of The Year



It’s officially Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. The exact science behind it is a bit vague, however, most news outlets are adding to the overall depressing vibe of the day by reporting it like it’s solid fact. I can neither confirm nor deny the relevance of the scientific equation first used in 2005, but I do know that it’s kind of ingrained in our heads now.

It’s the most depressing day of the year. Have you noticed it? Do you feel a little ‘blue’? Are your co-workers looking stressed, was your commute full of misery? I think we can equate that ‘blue’ feeling to January budgets and trying to work out. Certainly, this third week can be tough. It can be the week when productivity slumps and the goals you set for yourself start to seem out of reach. Don’t let that happen, girls! I’ll tell you how we’re going to turn this blue Monday into a new Monday, by spreading some good news.

Did you know, you can now find yourself as a work of art? 

The Google Arts & Culture App is a must download if you’ve always wanted to know where your famous muse is. The app uses a selfie to find works of art that look like you. It’s hours of fun, you might even find your new profile pic. Always wondered if you have a famous lookalike? Now you know you’re the spit of a 15th Century Princess.

Your time on Facebook might be changing. 

Mark Zuckerberg is overhauling the way we use Facebook. He wants the time we spend on the social media site to be well spent, so will be changing his algorithm to promote meaningful social interactions over content from businesses and media outlets. So if you’re feeling like the digital world is getting you down, don’t worry.

Women in the media are paving the way.

Not usually the kind of news we’d report on, but Dua Lipa made history with the most nominations any woman has ever received at the Brit Awards. Even within one of the most profitable industries, we are still seeing women who challenge the boundaries and make history. Did anyone else love it when Natalie Portman called out the “all male” nominees at the Golden Globes?

Speaking of awards ceremonies, Gal Gadot’s speech will lift you up.

Gal Gadot won the #SeeHer Award at the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards. We had another award ceremony worth talking about. The top three grossing films were led by women and a celebration of strong, powerful women. Gal Gadot’s award speech acknowledged the lack of women directors and was another great nod towards what women can do. Watch the clip here.

Scientists are working on a translator for your pets 

If we really think about it. What’s missing from our lives? The ability to communicate with our furry friends, of course. Now you’ll know for sure that your cat is actually calling you a rude word when he meow’s at you. Kidding, of course. This technology will most likely make it easier to communicate with animals by telling us what their noises actually mean. For now, you’ll have to settle for asking your pet to tell you “What’s up?” in a high-pitched voice.

Oprah’s speech is now available in Spotify 

I’m calling it. It’s only a matter of time before someone remixes Oprah’s speech into a club track. You can now listen to the entire speech on Spotify whenever you need a reminder that “A new dawn is on the horizon!”. It gave us literal chills the first time, why wouldn’t we want to make it part of our commute playlist?


What do you think about these news stories? In writing this article, I found it really difficult to find positive news today and I think that needs to change, all the negativity is getting us down. What are your thoughts?



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  1. It’s cool to share the good news from wherever you are. I agree it’s hard to find at the moment :-(. What are you guys doing to honor MLK day? Xx Koi

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