6 Struggles All Girls With Big Feet Understand

Having big feet as a girl can be a real struggle! Apart from the ”funny” jokes people tend to make (”What is your shoe size? Boats?”), finding cute shoes is always a mission.

So this one is for all the girls with big feet, I personally do know your struggles, and we deserve way more credit for it!

Are you a girl with ‘big’ feet, then you definitely recognize these 6 struggles:

#1 – Not all shoes are available in your size

For some reason, brands always make less of the bigger sizes or decide not to make them at all. So whenever you fall in love with a pair of shoes and ask for your size, the shop assistant 9 out of 10 times says ”Oh, I have to see if we have bigger sizes” and more often than not, she comes back without a shoebox.

#2 – You are never able to borrow your friends shoes (or steal you sisters)

Almost all my friends have smaller feet than I do, my mother and sister are blessed with US 5 and I am a US 8/8,5. Even when your friends says that her shoes are a bit ‘stretchy’, they never fit your giant feet.

#3 – People love to try on your shoes and make fun of it

‘OMG, your shoes are so big, I swim in them’ is a comment you have heard at least 10 times!

#4 – Some shoes just don’t look elegant on your feet

They just make us look clumsy. Size 12 flats are, unfortunately, more often than not a no-no.

#5 – Light color shoes look even more humongous

White shoes are often impossible to wear because they make your feet even look bigger.

#5 – Cute sandals are a real problem

Finding sandals that look actually cute on our feet is a true mission! Whenever you find a pair, you wear them all summer and don’t want to let go of them (or just buy a second pair in case the first ones aren’t wearable anymore).

#6 – Bowling

When all you friends are picking their bowling shoes from the size 6 section, you have to walk all the way down to the 8 or higher section, standing with all the boys, picking out your bowling shoes. Shudder…


Are you a girl with big feet? Isy B. Shoes, Smash Shoes, Shoes of Prey & Torrid, are some amazing shops that do cute shoes for us as well!


  1. Ahaha I’m glad I have small feet then ! Although they comme with their struggle as well



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