Confessions: 6 Stupid Things We Do When We’re in Love

Let’s talk about love, shall we; a little chit chat about all the cheesy things we’ve done in the name of love. Crazy, stupid love. Oh yes, they were all great ideas when we thought them up, but in actuality, quite idiotic. Obviously, the messiah of navigating relationships has yet to grace us with her presence, because women everywhere continue to make fools of themselves when they’re in love.  Here are the 6 most popular trip-ups:

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1. Fall too fast!

Ladies, ladies, ladies! We all do it, for some reason when we meet someone we like we ignore all other voices and decide that they’re the one for us right now. Sometimes we get clingy, texting, calling, creating personalized ringtones, which is great if it’s reciprocated but a mistake if the relationship is fairly young. Be you, because any person who deserves you will like you how you are, we’re not going to tell you to change but to listen carefully to the advice of your friends and family, they’ll know when you’re not yourself and can tell you how to be super interested without compromising yourself.

2. Try to stage romantic scenes from movies

How many takes was it before the director finally said, “That’s a wrap” on Valentine’s Day?  We’ll never know, but what we do know is that every romantic gesture in that movie was rehearsed.  Real life attempts will most likely end in awkward silences, plus kissing in the rain really isn’t that comfortable.

3. Put their priorities above our own

Every relationship requires personal sacrifice, and compromise between you and your partner, but to a certain extent. You should be devoted to making the relationship work, but be careful not to undervalue your own goals in order to please the other half!

4. Abandon your friends

This one is so easy to do. Getting wrapped up in your amazing relationship makes it super easy to leave your friends for a bit, you might think it doesn’t matter because you and your friends go ages without seeing each other or talking anyway but you need to know everything has changed now. There’s someone knew in the squad, and if your friends see you talking to this new person 24/7 and spending time with them while your Whatsapp group with your friends has gone surprisingly cold, they’ll start to resent your relationship.

5. Become glued to our phones and computers

Woah, we all do this. Even if they didn’t say anything five seconds ago there’s still the chance you missed a text, even if your phone’s on loud. This is normal, but we should all stop doing ti! Live your life, and incorporate theirs into your daily routine. Later on, you’ll regret the amount of time you wasted sitting by the phone.

6. Make a bad impression with the parents

Have you seen the comedy flick, Meet the Fockers?  Well, it’s definitely not the only movie in which the in-laws get thoroughly offended. In-laws are special people to your partner and should be treated with love and respect, but everybody flubs up on the first meet-and-greet. It’s practically inevitable.  Maybe at your 10th anniversary party, you’ll all laugh about how awful it was. Or maybe not. 

Love can be like wearing blurry glasses, or a blindfold even. Reality tilts, priority shifts, and silly things can happen.  Just remember, we’re all in this together, and the best way to handle it is to smile and take it in stride! Read up to find out what to do if you have an office crush or if you’re single, why not plan an amazing getaway with your friends?

Written by Britany Powell.




Featured Photo: Happily Grey

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