6 Super Realistic Goals To Set Yourself Right Now

Looking for some realistic goals to set yourself that you will actually stick to? Raise your hand if, like me, set yourself some resolutions for 2022 but kind of lost track of them already. Starting off strong and motivated but as the months go by and everything opened up again as pre-pandemic, life just took over and the resolutions went to the background. 

Good news is, we are just 5 months into 2022, so enough time to refocus and, set some attainable goals for yourself.

Here is a list of 6 realistic goals you can set yourself.

1. Live in the Now

Next time you think, “pics or it didn’t happen,” put down your phone, switch off the TV or turn down the music and just enjoy the company you’re with. After so many months of socially distancing from friends and family, I will never take the precious time I get to spend with them for granted again.

2. Drink Lemon Water

Every morning, put a slice of lemon into a glass of warm water and sip it just like you would your daily cup of tea or coffee. Not only will it provide you with an extra boost of Vitamin C, but it will also give you energy and it’s a natural way to detox!

3. Get Up and Move

You don’t have to spend an hour and a half every single day at the gym. Just get up and move. Take a walk (with your mask!), or a bike ride, or maybe do some pushups while you’re watching TV. Just do something and you will instantly feel better. If like me you like to keep plan your daily workouts, then the Getting Stuff Done planner is a must-have! You can keep track of your daily meals, exercises, and evaluate your progress.


4. Take Some Time for Yourself Every Single Day

How many nights do you fall into bed exhausted because you’ve been filling up everyone else’s cup and now your own is completely empty? Find some time each and every day, even just five minutes, to take some deep breaths, maybe make a list of the things you’d like to do that day, and then do them! 

5. Find Something that Brings You Joy

While you’re taking that time for yourself, find something that brings you joy to fill it. It could be a new hobby, like needlepoint, or it could be taking a fitness class which would also get you moving. Whatever it is, make sure that it brings a smile to your face. Jotting down new things that makes you happy daily is a great way to channel your focus onto the positives. Using a Gratitude Journal helps to encourage reflection and prompts a positive outlook on each and every day! 


6. Be Kind to Yourself

This goal may be the most important of all. When something doesn’t go the way you planned or when you don’t achieve one of your goals, do not beat yourself up about it. Be kind to yourself and realize that no one is perfect. 

By Kate Andrews


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