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6 Superfoods You Absolutely Must Try


We all know that avocados will give us shiny hair and that green tea helps to flush out all the toxins. Those superfoods are all well known for their great benefits for our skin, body and mood. But did you also know there are plenty of not so famous nutrients that are good for us career girls? Here are 6 superfoods for a better, healthier and even more beautiful you!

1. Kale

This green vegetable is definitely a must-try! There are many good recipes to find online that have this healthy superfood in it. You can easily make a salad or make kale chips and I even heard there is such a thing as a kale burger. This powerfood has all the vitamins and antioxidants you need for an energetic and productive day.

2. Celtic sea salt

This is not the most delicious superfood, but it has amazing benefits for both your body and soul. Using it is so easy: just add it to your meals instead of table salt. The minerals in the salt give you a little detox, improve brain activity, balance blood sugars and help you to get a better sleep at night. It almost seems too good to be true.

3. Raw chocolate

The mere thought of chocolate already makes me happy! It is no secret that chocolate makes you feel good, but raw chocolate is even better for you. So when you feel like snacking during a long, hard day grab a piece of raw dark chocolate! You can even buy delightful healthy snacks that incorporate it in if you’re not a fan of the bitter taste! It improves your mood and helps to balance your blood sugar. Yay!

4. Acerola juice

Acerola juice is made from a special red cherry from Mexico that boosts your immune system. That means no fall-fever for you this year. All you have to do is start drinking this delicious cherry juice. It comes in easy to go bottles so you can bring it to all your meetings during the day.

5. Cranberries

This is my personal favourite. These low calorie berries are not only a healthy snack to stay slim, but they also have various amazing health benefits. Cranberries are a source of vitamin C and can provide relief from – and in some cases even cure – cystitis. Add them to your salad or morning yoghurt or order a nice glass of cranberry juice.

6. Coconut oil

This one might be well known for our beauty routines, but did you know you can use coconut in your kitchen as well? You can stir a spoon in your tea or cook your meat with it. Coconut oil helps to kills bacteria and viruses as well as improving cholesterol levels!

What’s your favourite superfood? If you need more superfoods, why not check out our smart girl’s guide to superfoods!


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Shelley is an ambitious twenty-something living in The Hague, The Netherlands. This spontaneous fashion-lover is a total Pinterest addict and dreams of living in London one day..


  1. Hannah says

    Great post, need to try a kale burger! And I swear by coconut oil!

  2. camille says

    I feel so bad that I only tried out cranberries and Kale from this list ahah

    • Shelley Beekman says

      Don’t feel bad! You can try them now, if you want to. To be honest, before writing this article I hadn’t tried all of them myself either ;)

  3. Besma says

    Hi Shelley,

    Love this list! I like that you’ve combined new-age foods with old classics – there are plenty of UK-grown superfoods, from blueberries to broccoli. My favourite at the moment is cacao – it’s stronger than cocoa and so much better for you too!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  4. Bethany Austin says

    This post was so interesting! I already use coconut oil to give me a hair treatment or to remove makeup but I’m definitely going to try it in my tea after reading this.

    Bethany ( X

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