#Careergirlconfession: 6 Things That Always Happen At The Wrong Time


You will never agree with the old saying ‘timing is everything’ more than when something is happening at the wrong time. There are those little moments when exactly what you don’t want to happen does, and you want nothing more than to run away and hide. Some things in life are just typical, and despite your best efforts there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop them. If it’s something you want, it probably won’t happen, but as soon as it becomes really inconvenient it’s likely to be right there in front of you.


Here are six things that you have probably experienced always happening at the wrong time:

Bumping into your ex

Just when you think you are completely over him, and have finally moved on, your ex is guaranteed to waltz straight back into your life. You’ve convinced yourself that he no longer has any effect on you, then you bump into him and even though you might smile and walk on by, you spend the rest of the day analysing the encounter and wondering whether he thinks you look cute still.


That pimple on the end of your nose

The week before the big party you’ve been looking forward to your skin is absolutely perfect. Then, the morning of the big day you look in the mirror to see a big red pimple right in the middle of your face. You squeeze it, ice it and use all the concealer in the world to attempt to cover it, but of course, you have absolutely no luck.

The giggles

It’s always when something is serious, and inappropriate to laugh at that things become funniest. As soon as the giggles start they are impossible to stop, especially when it’s a completely unsuitable time. You know how bad it looks, and that you really should be able to control yourself but the giggles really just cannot be helped.


The fashion mishap

Just when you need to look your best, and want your appearance to be flawless, will be exactly when a wardrobe malfunction strikes. A rip in your dress, a broken off heel or a big noticeable stain will always happen exactly when you really don’t need it to. You can also guarantee that it will be the one day that you have forgotten your spares and repair kit too.

Travel delays

The one morning that you have slept through your alarm and are frantically trying to get somewhere, every mode of transport will have turned completely useless. If you’re early everything will run smoothly, but the second you are in a rush your travel plans will be completely against you.


Meeting ‘Mr Right’

During the times that you are looking to settle down you are guaranteed to not find a single soul. It’s only when you want to be single, and being in a relationship is the last thing on your mind, that you are bound to meet someone that you could easily see yourself spending the rest of your life with.

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