6 Things To Do When You Get Angry At Work

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Although we all try to keep our cool and be professional in the workplace, it is inevitable that there will be moments when we get angry at work. We may get red in the face or become tense. Or perhaps you want to yell or lash out. It is easy to lose control of these angry emotions, but this often results in detrimental consequences that can leave you with a damaged reputation or even jobless.

So to prevent any of the above from happening, CGD has a few helpful tips that will help you deal with situations that make your blood boil:

1. Allow yourself to be angry.

Don’t apologize for being angry. Don’t try to suppress your anger or try to ignore it. When strong emotions are not addressed and dealt with, they not only negatively impact your work ethic and relationships with others, but they can also become a detriment to your health (ulcers, high blood pressure and even heart disease!). Intense feelings will surely come back to haunt you. So accept that you are angry.

2. Always be respectful.

It may be tempting to act out immediately. But be respectful to both yourself and others initially. Do so by taking a few minutes to cool off. Sometimes emotions will get the best of us. Taking a timeout will allow us to see the situation more clearly. Maybe you’ll realize that you got angry for no reason, or over something that wasn’t a big deal. Regardless of the circumstance, take a few moments for yourself.

3. Remove yourself from the situation.

Perhaps after a few minutes you are still angry. If this is the case, it is time to remove yourself from the situation. During this time you can use activities to organize your thoughts. Go for a walk during your lunch break, listen to music, talk to a friend or take a few minutes to breathe deep and meditate. Engaging in these types of activities will help you more appropriately evaluate the situation when you return to it.

4. Know the facts first.

When you do decide to confront the cause of your frustration, make sure you know the facts first. In other words, identify all parties involved and the cause and effect of their actions. So brush up on your sleuthing skills and be a detective!

5. Identify the root cause.

This involves asking “Why?” Look beyond the present facts and look for details that negatively contributed to the situation. This includes better understanding of the perspective or intentions behind the actions of a coworker or boss. Understanding all points of view in a situation will allow you to proceed in the most appropriate manner.

6. Avoid profanity.

Last, but not least (and most important!), avoid profanity. Although every horrific word in the dictionary may be running through your mind, try to keep those words from slipping out. Not only are they unprofessional and inappropriate to use in the office, they can hurt the feelings of other and taint your reputation. No one wants to be referred to anger management class!

Using one or all of these tips will ensure that you maintain your composure in the office. Dealing with situations that provoke or escalate emotions can be difficult to navigate, but handling them with grace not only enhances your professionalism, but it sets an example for others to follow. As the saying goes, “Keep calm and carry on!”

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  • Cheryl

    Great tips! I used to try ‘n hide pretty much ALL emotion other than positive in the workplace, that is just EXHAUSTING!! Especially when you want to scream, ”are YOU kidding me” haha… SO important to confront the emotion, maybe not in that exact way though ;)


  • camille

    Great post

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