8 Things Successful People Do On Weekends

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The busier you are, the harder it becomes to enjoy a weekend. Especially if you have so much going on during the week that it tends to overlap and interrupt your free time. We often look to the most successful people in our society for cues on how to act, taking tips from Anna Wintour and co. on their successful weekends.


1. Make time for people

It’s so easy to hide yourself away in a bubble of Netflix on the weekends. But successful people socialize, because seeing friends and family will revitalize you and make you feel like you’ve really had a break at the weekend.

2. Stay active

Anna Wintour has time for her family, listing her children as her biggest weakness, but she also makes time for one hour of tennis every single day. That’s weekends included. Drag your ass out of bed and do something, even if it’s just going for a walk, it will help to keep you in good health and refresh your mind and body.

3. Make time for hobbies

When I was an intern at a magazine, the editor used to spend every weekend gardening. She stressed that it was seriously important to make time for hobbies, but I was too busy thinking about writing to listen to her. Warren Buffet plays the ukelele, Meryl Streep knits, George W. Bush paints. Everyone has a hobby.

4. Disconnect

Randi Zuckerberg wants us to relish in the Joy Of Missing Out. That’s JOMO to you and I. Coming from the sister of a guy who made his money off FOMO that’s really something. I agree with her, leave your phone in another room, don’t answer emails, and don’t check Facebook. Who cares. Just chill.

5. Mentor

Whether you’re giving a career talk to your sister, helping a friend with their website or volunteering for a good cause, mentoring will make you feel amazing. What’s the use having all this knowledge if you can’t share it with anyone? There are some really great causes, plus you can mentor students and help motivate them to stay on track.

6. Recharge

Recharge your batteries! Take this time to do what your body and mind craves. Get yourself an ice cream and have a walk in the park, go shopping. I really believe that just switching off for a little bit can absolutely make you feel better.

7. Network

Successful people don’t treat events like ‘networking opportunities’ nor do they actively go out of their way to make connections, it just happens. Have conversations with people, be open to making connections and you never know who you’ll have under your belt. Just go at everything as if you’re trying to make a new friend, not a business connection.

8. Be inspired

Successful people know how to use inspiration. They might not be thinking about work, but the chances are, on a weekend something will spark inside their mind and they’ll write it down for Monday morning. The best ideas come when you aren’t looking for them, after all!


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  1. Great post! But I so miss being busy right now – I’m a recent graduate and having just come back from travels, I’m basically spending all my time job hunting and trawling through job boards!
    I’m sure when I eventually do get a job, I’ll miss all the free time I have now though haha!

  2. Such a fab post! It’s tough to shut our minds off on the weekends, especially if we tend to get engrossed in the work we do. As a mom and Holistic Health Coach, I couldn’t agree more with this one post. It’s essential to relax, recharge and connect with people we find pleasure being around to feel whole. I’m often deeply inspired to write or create something new when I’m just enjoying the weekend without being hung up about work.


  3. that’s true, the weekend comes and there’s sooo many things you have to get done, there’s NO TIME!
    but yeahh, sometimes I hide behind netflix but it’s important to make time for those who matter; it will make you feel like everything you do is actually worth it
    – Visit my site, great for career women! A Hint of Life

  4. Love the idea of disconnecting! I had been doing it for a few weeks on Sunday, and obviously caved as I type this – but just having a Friday night without a phone and alerts is AWESOME!

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