#Careergirlconfession: 6 Things You Will Regret Not Doing When You’re Older

In 2016 it’s time to do things we might not have had time for last year, so here are 6 things you’ll regret not doing when you’re older. Start ticking them off now!


Spending Time With Your Grandparents 

Most grandparents have awesome stories! About their youth, the city they grew up in, your family (embarrassing stories about your parents are everybody’s guilty pleasure), and life in general. It’s so nice to hear those stories, and one day you’ll be telling them to your own grandkids. Enjoy this while you can. Sadly, they will not be around forever.

Appreciating Who You Are Right Now

When I look at old pictures I can’t imagine why I was insecure. My body was fine, my clothes okay and my face wrinkle free. It took me some time to realize that every version of myself was beautiful, even if I was a little fuller, wore other clothes than my classmates and my makeup routine wasn’t perfected yet (we’ve all been there!). Learn to appreciate who you are right now.

Paying Attention When You’ve Got The Chance To Learn Something New

Knowledge doesn’t take any space in your brains, there’s always room to learn something new. With knowledge, life skills and great stories; more is always more! When you’re older, those learning moments are less integrated in your life.

Developing Healthy Habits

Working out, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep…developing healthy habits from a young age means looking and feeling better when you’re older. One day you’ll adopt those things to your lifestyle, why not when you’re young!

Saving Money

Ok, this sounds boring and you’ve heard it a million times before. Probably from your mom and dad (who are right!). Saving money is always a good idea. Whether it is to splurge on a classic bag like Hermes’ Birkin or to buy your first car, one day you’ll be glad you’ve got some extra money to spend.

Wearing Whatever You Want

One day you’ll feel too old to show your belly button. To walk around in hot pants. To wear a mini skirt, or to get away with baseball caps. Do it now, or it’ll never happen.

  1. Im in full agreement! The first point about spending time with grandparents really resonated with me. I wish I had done this, asked them questions about their lives, their history, my history.

    Really enjoyed this read. Thank you!


  2. So true! Hurray for sneakers + leather skirt combos haha. And I absolutely love to hear stories from my grandma. The way she talks about her history, including world war 2, is amazing.
    – X Marloes

  3. Really good advice, especially the saving money part….but as far as mini skirts go, lol when you’re older you’re less inhibited .Provided you have the body for it, go for it! Absolutely nothing wrong with that, because even later on, you’ll wish you had. And so on, and so on…..:)

  4. This post resonated with me because when I had free time in high school I used to think ‘what could I do right now that my older busier self would appreciate?’. That attitude helped me really get ahead in my hobbies, money saving, and language learning skills. I still wasted a lot of time that I am kicking myself for now, but I’m glad I did spend a lot of my free time reading great books and doing other career and person building activities.

  5. You’ll regret not appreciating how great you look. We compare ourselves to models and movie stars, but when you get older, you compare yourself with….yourself, but the younger version. And then you kick yourself for not having realized earlier that the younger version was pretty darn great.

  6. you’ll always regret believing people who put you down, whether they think you’re dumb or fat you need to learn to get past them. You’ll also regret not forgiving somebody. It only hurts you. If you need to tell somebody they’re being a jerk to let things go then you should. it’s not the same thing as forgetting they’re a jerk. You just don’t have to carry around a burden of anger.

  7. I totally agree with the second one. I was recently looking at old photos and thinking about how great I looked when I remembered that at the time the photos were taken I thought I was ugly. So now when I have bad body confidence, I remind myself that in the future I’ll think about how adorable I look.

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