6 Things You Need To Discuss On Your Lunch Break Today

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It’s Fri-yay! And as always, we’ve been trawling the news for the most interesting topics for you to discuss on your lunch break, or even at after-work drinks. Let’s make conversation a little more interesting!

1. Apple’s new devices

Apple finally announced the iPhone 7, along with the Apple Watch Series 2 and Airpods – wireless headphones that the internet is sure they will lose before they’ve even got them. The new iPhone has a better camera, better performance and battery life, it’s thinner and more water resistant, you can even buy a gold and diamond one now. People are worried that you can’t listen to music while the phone is on charge.

2. Drake’s stolen jewels

Poor Drake. $3 million in jewels was stolen from his tour bus late on Tuesday night. They have since been recovered, and a suspect has been found. He had $3 million in jewels in his tour bus. Let that sink in for a second. Wow.

3. North Korea nuclear tests trigger earthquake

In terrifying news, North Korea has carried out its fifth nuclear test. And it’s biggest. South Korea noted that it was the biggest so far with a yield of 10 kilotonnes. The US, Japan, China and Europe recorded the explosion as a 5.3 magnitude seismic event and world leaders have since condemned the test.

4. The world’s wilderness has reduced by a tenth since 1990’s

Yep, more bad news. The wilderness of the world has reduced by a tenth in two decades. New maps show “alarming losses” of landscapes, particularly in South America and Africa according to World Conservation Society scientists.

5. Asteroid named after Freddie Mercury 

Everybody knows who Freddie Mercury was, and almost everybody admires him. So it was only fitting that on his birthday on Sunday, an asteroid was named after him. Brian May (a member of Queen, as if you didn’t know!) unveiled ‘Asteroid 17473 Freddiemercury’ designated in Freddie’s honor. 1,250 fans were there to celebrate. Amazing.

6. Kanye’s fashion show

Of course, it was a show to talk about. Guests were waiting for an hour in the heat, some models fainted, were unable to walk in their heels. Kylie tweeted that the model in question’s heel broke, but others were unimpressed calling it a ‘hot mess’. But the pieces themselves weren’t so questionable, they were heralded as ‘covetable street wear staples’. With the cuts, shapes and styles of the pieces probably influencing the next season.

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