6 Things You Need To Immediately Stop Doing On Facebook

With social media, there are some important things that everyone should consider before posting on Facebook. Social media has changed how we communicate, but don’t make  the information you’re sharing with your friends harm you or your future career. Even if you think you have your Facebook privacy setting perfectly under control, you never know where your posts and photos will end up. You have no control over what other people will do with them.


6 Things You Should NEVER Do On Facebook

#1 – Posting your home address
No discussion! DON’T DO IT!

#2 – Share your vacation plans
Don’t post your vacation plans before you leave. This just means that everyone on Facebook could potentially be at your house robbing you blind while you are away. You can share your vacation, just do it after you get home.

#3 – Too much information
Don’t share personal information you wouldn’t tell someone when you are face to face. not all of your friends care about why your nail polished chipped after work or you having your monthly PMS.

#4 – Potential employers will find you
Potential employers will be looking at your profile. Changing your privacy settings to restrict to prevent this.

#5 – Drunk pictures
Save yourself the embarrassment and find a picture you wouldn’t mind your parents or your boss seeing. Also a picture is worth a thousand words.

#6 – Your hate for your job
If you have to complain about your colleagues do it somewhere else but not on Facebook

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  • Dani


  • Clare

    Such good tips! I have got in trouble at work (different jobs) about facebook!

    Personally i think you should be able to say and do what you want on there without creepy colleagues stalking and reporting you but unfortunately they do…

    Clare | http://www.clare-without-an-i.com

  • Sophie

    I would also add, “don’t compare yourself to others.”

    Thats huge!

    Good tips!

    Sophie | http://www.thesophasaurus.com

  • Ana Lúcia Barros

    Hi! I agree with you!
    P.S: I love your blog, I am always here.

  • Noelle

    yes, agreed!

  • Saria

    This is so on point! Many people don’t realize that not only is it annoying but quite unsafe for Them.

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

  • Joanna

    I bet some people think’ if only I had thought about it sooner’! Luckily not me! phew!


  • Ana Cardoso

    And If you love your job? ;)

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