6 Tips For Creating An Office You Actually Want To Work In


An inspiring home office is the first step to getting productive at home. Whether you’re working on a blog, an important project, or just doing filing and financial stuff, you need a nice relaxing space to get it all done. Wondering how to turn your office into a place you never want to leave? Here are a few tips to take it to the next level!

photo: Brooke Testoni


1. Find a home for everything

Start with your papers and put aside ten minutes to shred or file everything that’s cluttering the desk. If it’s really taking up too much space you can digitize most things so they’re stored in the cloud instead of in a drawer. Then address any other clutter, candles, paperweights, anything that distracts you, decide if you need it nearby to work.

Finally, gather up all your pens and pencils and put them in a pot. Once everything is where it should be, you’ll feel much more productive.

2. Use expiry dates for files

When you receive a new letter or file put a sticker on it with an expiry date, choose a safe date that you will no longer need the file and create a reminder on your phone or calendar to check through your files for anything with that date. If you still need it by then, keep it, if not…it should go in the shredder!

3. Decorate with colors that boost focus

A nice white office is definitely Pinterest-friendly, but it might be doing nothing for your inspiration levels. When choosing art to line the walls with or even the general color scheme of the room, keep some color psychology in mind. Red and purple have connotations of power, while blue can be corporate and green inspiring.

You might like white walls with green art and a few lush green plants to boost your environment.

4. Think about your actual working environment

It’s all well and good having a great looking work environment, but if you can’t actually work in it, it’s no use. Wondering why you can’t stand to work in your home office? It might be uncomfortable there! See if your computer is at eye level, if your posture is supported by your chair, if it’s quiet and warm, and if there’s enough natural light.

Changing the order of your furniture, adding some plants and locking the door might be necessary to get some work done!

5. Create a zone for relaxation and inspiration

It’s not all work, work, work. If you can, add an area to relax in your home office. Don’t add distractors like a television, a beanbag in a small space or a little sofa with a couple of books nearby could be a welcome rest from sitting at the desk.

6. Use the basket trick

As you’re working, the chances of accumulating clutter are high. You’ll be drinking tea or coffee, sorting through files, making a mess in the pursuit of productivity. Don’t let that mess worry you, get a metal basket and simply put that mess into it once you’re finished in the office. When you have an hour or so spare, go through it and find a home for everything.


What does your office look like? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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