6 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Instantly Brighter

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We’ve all had those mornings where our eyes look dull and tired, whether it’s a hangover morning, a tired morning, or just a Monday morning! And sometimes the daily coffee just isn’t going to help us open our eyes!

So, for those mornings you need some real wonder products, and great tips on how to use them so that when you strut into the office, no one will ever know you were binge-watching Netflix until 3 am the night before.

My favorite concealer trick: Apply concealer in a triangle shape

A great tip to make your eyes look less dull and tired is to apply your concealer in a triangle shape under your eyes. You should apply it down the sides of your nose and up to the outer corner of your eyes, completing the triangle at your tear ducts. It makes your skin look healthier and less dull, and will cover the dark circles much more effectively than if you just conceal the bit under your eyes.

My favorite eyeliner trick: Change your eyeliner color

Black and brown eyeliner can make the eyes look smaller and duller, so try experimenting with a blue tone instead. Blue eyeliner will bring out the white in your eyes, making your eyes look bigger and brighter. Bobbi Brown knows this, which is why they’ve formulated a royal blue gel liner that’s sweat and humidity proof. Available here.

Use Marilyn Monroe’s secret weapon

Shimmery metallic colors might seem intimidating for the day, but a tiny dot of metallic powder on the tear duct has an amazing impact on your eyes. Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist would use it to give her those bright, wide yet sultry eyes – something we all want on Monday mornings! We think Marilyn would approve of Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil in Champagne Diamonds. It’s subtle and shimmery enough to hide your tiredness. Available here.

Curl your lashes in the right direction

Sure, you always remember your mascara, but if you curl your lashes first, your mascara will be much more effective in making your eyes look wider and more open. Angle the curler slightly upwards as you curl to open and widen your eyes. Just remember to curl before mascara, never after! One of the best eyelash curlers is this one from Shu Uemura

My favorite trick for immediate results: Brightening eye drops

When you need some instant results try some brightening eye. Innoxa Blue Drops are one of the best on the market. The azure blue color revives the white of your eyes and gives them a little sparkle!

Get your beauty sleep!

And last but not least, the best thing to do to protect your eyes and keep them looking healthy, wide and bright is to get enough sleep in a dark room, and wear sunglasses during the day, even when it’s not very sunny.


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  1. A color corrector from Bobbi Brown (or Pixi if you’re down with less expensive options like me) is also amazing to use under your concealer. It makes your concealer work so much better.


  2. Ooh good tip! I’m actually loving the Stila one at the moment, haven’t tried the Bobbi Brown one yet but I’ll look into it! :) x


    x Mila

    || http://www.topknotkindaday.com ||


  4. I’ve never heard of brightening eye drops. This is a really informative post.


  5. I love blue eyeliner under the eyes and always get complements when I wear it! The only thing is – it is more suitable for spring and summer. And I never dared wearing it at it the office! :)


  6. I’m following all of these tips already. Problem is I keep struggling with the last one…

    Ioanna | beautyloverstories.com

  7. YES!! shimmery pearl eyeliner is the best thing I’ve added to my beauty routine!!


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