6 Tips On How To Prioritize Tasks When Everything Seems Important

We all have those days, your to-do list seems never ending, but you are just laying in bed because you don’t know where to start. Everything on it seems like a #1 priority which makes you feel even more overwhelmed.

Prioritizing your tasks is crucial for success in life. We all know it is hard sometimes, but if you know how to get your head around it and have control over the situation, you will be able to complete your list without panicking or procrastinating.

So how to prioritize your to-do list when you are sure that everything is equally important. We give you 6 useful tips to get full control of your situation and actually get things done.

#1 Write all you tasks down

Write down everything you need to do on that day. Don’t prioritize them yet, just get everything you need to do visible on a piece of paper.

#2 Mark urgent vs. important

The following step is to see how many of your tasks need your immediate attention. Everything on your list can be important, but not everything is as urgent as others. When we talk about urgent it is those kinds of tasks that needed to be completed within a couple of hours or that day, otherwise it might have negative consequences.#3 What has most value

Your next step in this process is to see which tasks have the most value. What is the most important for you, your business or the organization you work for? In order to do that, you need to rank what has the most impact and where are the most people involved. Write down what has the most value for you and base your outcome on that list.

#4 Order the tasks by effort

If all your tasks seem to have high priority, try to rank them based on effort. Start with the one that seems to be the task with the most effort. Experts say it is best to start with the one that will take you longest and is the hardest, but some people prefer to start with the ‘easiest’ tasks. But it is basically whatever floats your boat.

#5 Be flexible and adapt

Circumstances change, always be ready for that. There is always the possibility that your priorities change during the day, something you did not expect. Being flexible and adaptable are skills that are really important and will cause you way less stress in the end.

#6 Know when to cut

It is normal and no reason for panic if you can’t get to everything on your list. If you completed the previous steps and ranked your tasks in an order you can cut everything of that you will not be able to do in one day. This will allow you to focus more on the priorities that have more importance and must be done that day.

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  • Lauren

    Definitely needed this today – one day off and you’re in a frenzy!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Mima Isono

    Urgent vs important is really a spot on when everything seems important…thanks for sharing the tips


  • Cheryl

    Urgent vs. important is so.. well ‘important’ haha… there’s a 4 quadrant grid with urgent vs. important which is supposed to help for prioritising time! I usually get caught up in highly urgent & highly important, but its actually more productive to spend time on highlight important less urgent tasks… apparently anyway!


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  • Zeenat

    So relevant!

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