6 Tips On How You Can Be More Confident At Work

Even the pros can sometimes feel a pang of self-doubt that ruins their day, so don’t feel a fool if you’re struggling with your workplace confidence. All it takes is some dedication and a little bit of self-love to boost your self-esteem and no longer dread walking into work in the morning, so don’t worry about faking it any more – here are six steps to being flawless, fearless and owning your confidence at work!

6 Tips On How You Can Be More Confident At Work
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6 Tips On How You Can Be More Confident At Work

#1 Work on your presence

How do you feel in a social situation with friends? Pretty confident right? That’s because you’re surrounded by people you already know and trust, you aren’t afraid of saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. When you’re at work you should try to adopt the same easy confidence you have with friends, keep that in mind while you’re conversing with co-workers or sitting awkwardly at your desk. If you find it too hard to pretend, just think of a time where your confidence was rewarded, maybe by building a new friendship or getting a job – and take it from there.

#2 Talk more

Sometimes the issue can be that we’re so used to talking from behind a computer screen that we get nervous talking on the phone or in real life, but that can be remedied easily! You can’t craft a phone conversation quite the same way that you can craft a brilliant email but you can write a brief transcript, take a deep breath and remember that the people you’re talking to are just people – you can get your point across without getting flustered or nervous!

#3 Big yourself up

Write a list of your achievements and praise yourself for them! You can even write a list of all your good qualities and keep it in your pocket to remind yourself that you are #flawless and shouldn’t worry what other people think of you. In the workplace you’re a girl boss and you should hold your head up high!

#4 Smile

Smiling even when you feel nervous will make people take notice, it will make you appear comfortable in your skin and happy. If your superiors can tell your nervous, a smile will say ‘I know I’m feeling a little self-conscious but I’m fine with it’ after all, you’ve got to cut yourself some slack!

#5 Stop the comparison

It’s easy to compare your weaknesses to other people’s strengths, maybe you have one co-worker who demands that the room focuses on them, or a friend who is universally liked by everyone. You need to feel confident in your own strengths, and don’t be afraid to cast a critical eye over people to make yourself feel a little better. So what if your co-worker is self-assured? You know how to be quietly confident and say the right thing, anyway!

#6 Communicate

Find a trusted co-worker to voice your issues with and don’t be afraid to admit you’re lacking in confidence about a project or that you can’t find the words to talk to your boss. Relationships are based upon trust, and if you choose the right people to trust and get advice from, you could build great friendships!

It’s not hard to fake self-confidence but sometimes you really want to feel it. It’ll take dedication and time, and you’ll have to be kind to yourself and stop scrutinising everything you do wrong. Give yourself a break girl, go and have a spa and reward yourself for being awesome and killing it everyday! The confidence will come flooding in if you’re self-assured! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with everything us CGD girls are up to and to be the first in-the-know with our amazing updates and giveaways!

This article is written by Beth

  • Lauren

    I definitely feel I need to talk more, we’re so reliant on technology we don’t get to actually speak to people anymore!

    Lauren x
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  • Hazel

    Wow, I definitely wish I had found this earlier this week! I just finished writing a blog about my lack of self confidence at work! This helped me a little bit! Great post!

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    Smiling is the thing to do – it can trick your body into feeling positive.

    Lizzie Dripping