6 Tips For Planning An Amazing Party On A Budget

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‘Tis the season for party planning. Whether you’re already fully booked with New Year’s events or you want to throw a great holiday party, it’s all about managing your money properly and making sure you’re not out of pocket so you can spend money on gifts (and clothes) instead.

Here are some genius tips to help you throw an amazing party on a budget

1. Be smart with your venue search 

Seriously, one of the best parties I’ve ever hosted was in a school hall. With some clever decor, it became an amazing Christmas party venue – and we didn’t pay much for it at all. Look for the kinds of venues you can imagine turning into something cool with a bit of creativity. Of course, if you’re throwing it at home, don’t worry, just make sure you’ve got enough of everything.


2. Use Pinterest 

Seriously, from shot glasses dipped in chocolate to glitter balloons there is always an easier way to do something yourself – and Pinterest will usually show you how. Search for people’s party planning boards and have a look for inspiration and ideas. I’m talking about those DIY ideas you’d never have thought of yourself but can totally (and easily) make!

3. Allow your guests to bring things

Some hosts really don’t want their guests to bring anything, others prefer their guests to bring their own alcohol or snacks. I remember back when my parents went to parties it was kind of rude to insist your guests bring something, but in our generation, nobody is really fussed about bringing desserts, wine or Spotify playlists. Whether you bring a cake, a bottle of something or dinner. If you’re worried about catering, why not make it a ‘recipe swap’ party and ask your guests to bring one dish with them.

4. Buy what you’ll use again 

Don’t splash all the money you’ve set aside for your party on foil balloons and pretty decorations if you’re never going to get another use out of them. When I throw a party I tend to go to wholesale shops like Costco and buy my sweets, straws, napkins and any other bits and bobs that I know I’m going to use again and again.

It’s better to blow up pretty balloons with a bit of glitter inside them yourself than to blow the whole budget on emoji foil balloons.

5. Make your own invitations

For my 21st (when I was a struggling student) I made my own invitations. I designed them in MS Paint using a photo I found of someone’s wedding invitation as a guide and printed them with my own printer on pearlescent card I bought from the shop across the road. The finishing touch was an adhesive diamanté at the top. Sounds classy but they actually looked mass produced.

If you’re not so creative with it, buy some digital invitations and print them (or email them) it saves time and money and makes you look super professional. Try Creative Market if you’re having trouble finding beautifully designed digital invitations.

6. Shop vintage 

For amazing decor, take Lauren Conrad’s advice and go to a thrift shop or vintage store to look for those amazing pieces you can use in your party. Crystal centerpieces, fake flowers, anything can be made to look amazing with a bit of TLC. You don’t have to sacrifice style at all when working with a budget, and often, finding that treasure in a thrift store feels so much more rewarding.

What are your tips for planning a party on a budget? You can even make a signature cocktail for the evening so you don’t have to buy tons of different bottles of alcohol and juice! Share your tips with us below!

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  • Charmaine Ng

    Have a potluck! Saves you time, money, everyone gets to participate and everyone gets to eat something they like!
    – Charmaine

  • ceereejay

    This sounds like fun. I’ve never planned a party before, but hopefully I can use these tips in the future. ⭐️☀️


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