6 Totally Realistic Things To Do If You Want To Achieve Your Goals

There’d be no accomplishment if staying on track with your goals was simple. We’ve written about this extensively, whether you have little goals or one big one, it’s so hard to stay on track and be accountable for all your actions. You need realistic ways to stay motivated and productive, otherwise it’s so easy just to let that unaccomplished goal go by!

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#1 Find a friend to help you along

It doesn’t have to be someone with the same goals as you, although it helps, but together you should check in and develop a plan to keep each other on track. If you both have fitness goals, do a weekly check in and hold each other accountable for any slip ups or deviations from your goal. It’ll help immensely having someone else to hold you accountable, and the path to achievement won’t feel like such a lonely one.

#2 Allow yourself to have weaknesses

If your plan includes days where you won’t want to work, days where all you want to do is grab the chocolate and down fizzy drinks like they’re water, then you won’t feel like you’ve messed up your plan and you’re still on track. Plan for these moments and let yourself slip up every so often, goals are usually abandoned after the first low point, but just give yourself a break and you’ll stay on track!

#3 Record your progress

Whether it’s in a journal, your phone notepad or an app, write down your progress and you’ll be more inclined to carry on. Write everything from what you’ve achieved to how you feel and when you re-read these entries you’ll be motivated to continue. Even the low days deserve an entry, once you start recording your feelings you might come away motivated to continue!

#4 Don’t race against a clock

The most important thing is to set goals you can actually achieve, don’t aim to drop a dress size in a week or get your dream job in a month. Be realistic and account for life, you’ll be much better off for it.

#5 Make it fun

Whenever I’m writing, I put on my Summer Party playlist and do an awkward swivel chair dance. I enjoy writing but the act of swaying along to a great party tune helps to break up the monotony of it all, likewise you should introduce some fun to your goals. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference just putting in some headphones or making your activities into a game can make. Don’t forget to reward yourself when you achieve your goals, too, often bargaining with yourself for something you really want can be the most fun part of working towards your goals.

#6 Make a motivational mood board

If you use Pinterest or have a vision board, why not collect images that reflect the feelings you’ll have when you achieve your goals, or collect quotes that will keep you on the right path. Check out CGD’s Pinterest for career tips, words to live by and super fashionable females!

Staying on track has never seemed so simple, as long as you remember you’re human and just have fun with it, you’ll be fast on your way to making all your dreams come true soon! If your goals are health and fitness based, why not join our 30 day challenge?

  1. I definitely think a visual moodboard would help me, it would be a great focus through the day :)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  2. I really love the allowing weaknesses part. Sometimes lazy days are just a really needed cure-all :)

    Clara | colormepurpple.wordpress.com

  3. I really love the allowing weaknesses part. Sometimes lazy days are just a really needed cure-all :)

    Clara | colormepurpple.wordpress.com

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