6 Truths Guys Need To Know About Dating An Independent Girl

Let’s face it – independent girls run the world! We love our career, but being independent doesn’t mean we’re not looking for someone to share it with. Dating an independent girl is rewarding, and damn right amazing.

So, next time you need to let a guy know what he’s getting into here’s a handy checklist of things they need to know! Thank us later!

Our girls are our everything

Independent girls stick together. So our #girlsquad is full of confident, successful ladies, and sometimes we’ll need our girl time. This doesn’t mean we’re putting our friends before you, but we want time to catch up with the squad. Our girlfriends have watched us grow into the confident, independent women we are, and we’ll always make time for them.

Sometimes, work will have to come first

We don’t see you as a second priority, but we’ve worked hard, and want to continue doing so. Every now and then we might have a late night, or not be able to make an event. Our career is important to us, and so are you, but if you make us choose between the two it will be a hard choice! If you’re dating us, you’re kind of dating our job too.

We’re a little organization crazy

We’re organized, and plan everything in detail. This means we’re never late for dates, we never forget anything important, and keep YOU organized too. It also means we don’t have too much patience for disorganization, and won’t be happy if you show up late to a date we’ve had planned for weeks.

Passion is sexy

We have our sh** together and want a guy who has his together too. Don’t depend on us to give you motivation, have your own career goals, and we’ll support you all the way. We want you to have a passion that we can get excited about as well.

We’re ride or die

We’re career girls. We don’t have time to run around town kissing every frog before we find our prince. If we like you we’ll completely commit to the relationship, so if you’re not ready for that, don’t try and play us. We value honesty, and we’re smart girls, we’ll see right through any lie – we’ve heard them all before.

We have our weaknesses

Being an independent girl doesn’t mean we don’t ever doubt ourselves. We might have a tough week at work, or we might just be feeling low, and need someone to tell us it’s all gonna be ok. Part of being an independent girl is knowing your emotions, and when you’re not feeling your best self. If you can pick us up when we’re down, we’ll do the same for you. Every relationship is built on trust, and if we show you our weaknesses, this means we trust you with them.



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