6 TV Shows To Add To Your Must-Watch List This Month

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There are some seriously good TV shows out at the moment, but it can be hard to keep track of what you should put on your watchlist, especially when your go-to in the evening is Netflix. It’s so easy to spend thirty minutes looking for something to watch only to decide there’s nothing to watch at all!

Well, fear no more, these shows will captivate you from the very first episode, and there’s enough of them to binge in one sitting! Hurrah!

The Handmaid’s Tale


If you have an appreciation of Margaret Atwood’s storytelling abilities in The Handmaid’s Tale book, you’ll be glad to know this is one TV adaptation that stays faithful to the book. Of course, the story differs slightly in that the main character, Offred, is looking for her daughter. I loved this post-apocalyptic book when I first read it and finding out that Margaret herself is helping with the production made me want to watch it more! Available April 26th on Hulu.



This TV show is based on the Archie comic series, a fun, light-hearted, comedic comic book popular with children and adults back in the day. But this show is nothing like that bright, colorful world. This is a dark, dramatic take on that world. When local high school golden boy Jason Blossom is killed, Archie and his fellow schoolmates need to find out what really happened, and who was really responsible. Available now on Netflix.



If you haven’t already watched Broadchurch, you definitely need to. Starring David Tennant (of Doctor Who fame) this drama follows a family who is torn apart by the death of their son, and a town who tries to deal with the fall-out and find someone to blame. Series two focuses on the trial of the murderer and another case with parallels to this one, while season three is in its first throes and looks to be every bit as tantalizing! Available to watch now on ITV/BBC America.

Santa Clarita Diet


I’ve been missing Drew Barrymore for so long, this show is seriously good. It follows a housewife turned zombie who needs to eat people. Sounds dark? There’s something so chaotically funny about this. All the actors are phenomenal. It’s an examination of suburbia when chaos is thrown in. I love it. Available on Netflix now.

Big Little Lies


Another suburban drama, this one follows Madelina, Celeste, and Jane. Three mothers who become friends at the school gates. Eventually, their perfect lives unravel and they’re led to murder. But who, and why? Available from 13th March on HBO/Sky.

The Americans


The Americans follows Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, two KGB spies in an arranged marriage posing as Americans shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected president. They have two children, who are unaware that their parents are spies. Obviously, living in America poses some problems and troubles for them, Philip warms up to America’s values, the marriage is tested, and FBI agent Stan Beeman moves in next door. It sounds like a madcap group of people living on one street, but it’s dramatic and it’s soooo watchable. Available now on FX/Amazon Prime.


Which shows are on your list?

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  • Izzy Bruning

    I love broadchurch!
    Izzy | http://www.pinchofdelight.com

  • Ariel

    I have been watching Big Little Lies.

  • Laura Mareno

    I really want to watch Riverdale and Santa Clarita Diet! They look so good! thanks for sharing:D