6 Warning Signs That You Need To Change Your Job

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Let’s be realistic, there is always time to change something that’s making you unhappy. Self-care and self-love mean that sometimes you have to be introspective and realize that your job isn’t fuelling your passion for life.

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to move on, here are a few warning signs you should listen to.

#1 You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

We all struggle with mornings, but if your reluctance to get out of bed comes with no desire to go to work either. It’s either time to figure out what you hate or time to leave.

#2 You don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

If this can’t be remedied with a conversation with your superiors, it might be time to leave. You should always feel like you’re a part of the company and you understand the bigger picture. This helps you gain purpose and clarity in your work.

#3 You reminisce about the times before you started your career and it seems that the best chapter of your life is over.

Reminiscing about University days, partying in your early twenties and having no direction is normal. Even if you love your job. But, if you feel depressed and like your life is never going to be back on track, your job is probably not right for you.

#4 You feel no inspiration to pursue your passions.

Hobbies and passions keep you going on the weekends. If you used to enjoy photography but feel no point in pursuing it anymore, your job might be draining the creativity out of you. Try getting back into your hobbies during your free time and see if it renews your passion for your job.

#5 Articles about successful people make you feel jealous, rather than inspired.

We’re always talking about the routines of successful women, they should inspire you to try new things, not make you feel desperate or unhappy. If the lives of successful women seem out of reach, your job isn’t giving you high enough levels of responsibility or satisfaction.

#6 You barely see your friends.

If your job is taking up all of your free time, and whatever you have left you spend alone recovering, there are two problems. One is that social time (not isolation!) will help you feel happier in the long run, and the other is that you don’t get enough mental space from work. Try meditation, cut back your hours, say no once in a while. We know quitting is not always the right thing to do, but you have to make yourself comfortable – whatever job you’re in.

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