6 Ways To Decorate Your First Adult Apartment




Getting your first adult apartment is such a big deal. Even if you’re going to be living in a house instead, the sentiment still stands. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. You want to live like a queen, but sadly you probably don’t have the budget. And you want to invite people round and make them jealous about your amazing cushions and mirrors, but at the moment all you have is a second-hand microwave.

Don’t worry, here’s a guide to taking your first adult apartment from drab to fab!

1. Start at home

The best place to look for furniture and accessories is your parent’s house. With their permission, of course. Don’t just bring a shopping basket and start filling it with your favorite items, ask your parents if they have any bits stored away.

When my grandma found out I was moving out she gifted me tons of crystal pieces, and I have a whole box of things for dining and entertaining. I never knew I needed a dip jar shaped like an avocado. But I do. Also, parents always keep furniture for a rainy day. You’ll probably find something nice in the garage or in the attic. You never know.

2. Be Patient

Whatever you’re coveting will eventually be on sale. That’s the rule. Bookmark it, keep an eye on it and wait, wait, wait. It will eventually be worth spending your hard earned money on. But it also might go out of style, or not fit with the overall feel of your home. So be patient, sit on it.

Sale favorites: This gorgeous Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Snuffy Shag Pillow is down from $99 to $29.99 while it’s in stock (not for long I imagine!). Following that theme, a pair of Gold Gourd Lamps that would set you back almost $300 are now down to $178 and they’re seriously chic. Finally, you might have seen Haäm pieces gracing the interiors of the fashion elites home, while one dish will set you back $400, some pieces are on sale right now, we found this ‘Small Pillaret’ Enameled Metal Cup for just $27. An investment piece for more than half price!

3. Remember you aren’t married to anything

What you choose now doesn’t have to stay in your home forever. You can sell it, gift it, upcycle it or transform it into something new. You shouldn’t be too scared to buy cheaper (less chic) pieces of furniture because it doesn’t fit with your overall theme because these things take time (and money!) and you’ll never have the perfect house within the first week of moving in.

4. Be open minded

Some of the coolest pieces can come from really strange beginnings. If you see promise in a seriously ugly piece don’t worry, you can always restore it. My boyfriend’s mom has a great eye for things like this, she found this wooden table sitting next to the trash cans and brought it back to restore it and take it to her home. I was pretty skeptical about it, but once I saw it I had to give her credit. She polished it up and I really believe that it would sell for a lot of money now. Just goes to show.

5. Make a budget and stick to it

When I found out we were looking into buying a house and it was actually do-able I immediately put 100 things in my cart. At Uni too, I spent my extra money on home decor. Lights, money banks, rugs, all the things you don’t really need, but want. That’s why you need a budget. Only buy one or two pieces at the end of every month before your paycheck comes in, that way you know you can afford them.

This Marble & Gold Object Desk Lamp is only $44. So can easily fit into your end-of-the-month budget. And it’s pretty, too.

6. Look for replicas

There are tons of sites that compare pricey items with less expensive replicas. Sometimes, only the high-end will cut it, but for your first adult apartment I think one or two choice pieces should be investments, the rest shouldn’t hurt your finances.

Replica picks: This Spun Copper Planter is so on-trend, and is perfect for cacti and succulents, but comes with a price tag of $170. Luckily H&M Home has got your back, and for only $15. Bargain.


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  • Natalie Harney

    Ugh this makes me want a place of my own so bad – house sharing is fun but I’d love somewhere to make into a home of my own

    – Natalie

  • Jen

    This is so legit my life struggle right now. Thank God we are heading into fall, my place actually looks like a home because I’m stuffing it with fall decor!

  • Camille Beygui

    I really can’t wait to decorate my apartment

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