6 Ways To Be More Energetic In The Morning



Ugh! The call of the alarm in the morning isn’t even the worst thing you have to go through, once you’ve woken up and got yourself dressed you get thrown into the morning commute and have to navigate the morning without giving in and drinking gallons of energy drinks.

So how can you naturally be more energetic in the morning?

You’ve seen those girls who just bounce into the office and you want to know their secret! Here are 6 ways to be more energetic in the morning.

1. Duh – get enough sleep

You can’t wonder why you’re so tired when you stayed awake until 4 am on the internet. Sleeping for at least 8 hours is an essential part of having enough energy the next day. If you need some tips and tricks to help you get to sleep soundly, we’ve got you!

2. Harness happiness

When you feel happy, your brain releases chemicals into the body that give you that signature ‘energy boost’. To help you latch onto that feeling, every morning when you wake up get out a journal and write down 5 things that you’re grateful for today. Look back on it when you’re tired or gloomy!

3. Don’t skip breakfast

The most important rule of all is to get your first meal of the day. Most of us career girls are so super busy that we find it easier to just skip that first meal and opt for a snack or coffee. If you eat breakfast, you refuel your body from its hours of rest and starvation-like state. This also helps you lose weight, believe it or not!

4. Curb the caffeine

Sometimes you just need caffeine, you know you need coffee, fizzy drinks and energy drinks! But actually caffeine creates a vicious cycle of energy crashes and needing more caffeine. Instead of caffeine, try a juice or smoothie filled with fruits, vegetables and natural sugars. It might not give you an instant boost, but it will slowly release energy to sustain you throughout the day.

5. Add breaks to your morning schedule.

Work in blocks! Your mind and body will be less stressed and therefore, less tired. You can take short breaks between tasks so you don’t feel so overworked and exhausted! David Kirsch has some amazing Energy Bubbles that are definitely worth trying out.

6. Know your limits

Once you accept that everything on your to-do list is not going to get done today, you will be less weighed down by the stress of trying to accomplish too much. You will sleep more & better, and you will be more successful in the things you do get done. Need some deco inspo? Cathy’s concepts has this really cool To Do’ Chalkboard that we really love!

Kaitlin Marks


A sprinkle enthusiast, book fanatic, and lover of puppies and movies, Kaitlin is an American who is a kid at heart. She can usually be found doing homework, writing, or baking. She wants to be a pediatrician when she gets older, and loves volunteering.

  • Camille Beygui

    Great and really helpful post



  • Lisbeth

    Wauw, that second tip is just a brilliant idea. I will get started on that immediately! (And yay – that means a valid reason to buy one more pretty note book!)

  • Maria Grimaldo

    Applying this to see if I can become a morning person!!

  • Camille

    Those are good advice, it’s easy but not so to do, for example your last advice with “knowing your limits” is a really good one, it has been hard for me to admit that I can’t do everything I planned, but once I did, I felt better and as you said, I work and do my several stuffs better too!

  • Hey Sammiie

    Great post! I struggle so much in the mornings :( will definitely be following this!

  • Gabrielle Guglielmelli

    I really need to follow these. Maybe my morning will be bright enough for me to be energetic. Lots of caffeine though, lol!

    The Gift of Gab | http://gabofgift.wordpress.com

  • Corinne Wilhelm

    I am one of those hit the ground running kinda gals but I live with two guys that – errr don’t do mornings. So loved this post all the same. Morning walks are the best thing ever for me, when I get back into the office I feel ready to take on the world, hence my language energy programme starting at 8am, 10am or at lunchtime. Try it girls, podcasts to go for a learntastic workout.

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