6 Ways To Stand Out During Your Internship

Internships are a great way to boost your CV, make connections and get an insight into potential career paths. Particularly in larger companies, they get a huge number of interns.

So unless you stand out from the crowd, you’ll be forgotten amongst the rest. The most important attributes for an intern are enthusiasm, friendliness and willingness to get stuck into any task you’re given. Here are six top tips to ensure you’ll be remembered.

Send a Thank You…

Showing your appreciation for working at the company alongside the employees will definitely be well received. Although your internship may have cost you money, you’ve gained practical experience in the workplace, which you should be hugely appreciative of. After all, it could be the one piece of experience that gets you your next job – and that is invaluable.

Be Efficient…

Aim to get jobs done quickly. Not only is it nice to surprise someone and hear “oh wow you’ve done it already”, but it shows you work well in an office environment and you’re hardworking. Once you’ve proven how efficient you can be in completing small tasks, you may be given much more challenging jobs thereafter.

Be Willing – No Job Is Too Little Or Too Much..

When I began my internship I was given tasks like inputting data to excel and cleaning out the store cupboard. Although boring, I didn’t mind in the slightest because in return for doing these jobs, I got to attend meetings, meet new people and learn new skills. During the Excel task, I learnt a new skill which I can now add to my CV and use in my personal life. Cleaning the store cupboard meant the employees could utilise a previously no-go area which they were hugely grateful for.

Do Something Different…

Do something that no one else is likely to have done, then if you come up in conversation you’ll be well remembered. Once again it shows that you’re appreciative of the job you’ve been given and you’ve gone the extra mile to show it. It’s best to be remembered as ‘the one who bought the cakes’ or ‘the one who made the tea’ than to blend in amongst the many other interns who come and go frequently.

Do Your Research…

Turning up knowing about the company’s background and recent news shows you’re prepared and genuinely interested. It will help if you’re able to answer any questions that are fired at you and if you’re in-the-know about all the goings on of your company you’ll be able to jump into conversations easily. You should most definitely know (and not forget) the names of your employers!

Embrace The Industry…

Show your interest in the way you present yourself. For example, if you’re working in the beauty industry, put an everyday spin on a makeup look you’ve seen in the press recently. This shows you can keep up to date with what’s in. The same applies if you’re working in fashion; try to incorporate a current trend into your outfit.

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