6 Ways To Wear A Button Front Skirt Like A Fashionista

The button front skirt is having a bit of a moment thanks to the 70’s trend this season as well as denim being a must have in every girls wardrobe.

Lucky for us there’s a lot of choice in stores right now. Scroll down and see how the fashionista’s are wearing this 70’s skirt, be inspired and shop your favorites.


Denim Button Front Skirt

You can pair the denim version with lighter colors and sandals or try denim on denim for a casual cool look. On a chilly summer day pair your skirt with a comfy cashmere sweater from J Crew, trenchcoat, and boots. Our favorite denim skirt is this one from Topshop.


Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.20.21
Marta Cygan, Linda Tol, We Wore What

There is so much inspiration online on how you can wear the button front skirt. On a chilly day wear this suede skirt from Topshop with a black turtle neck for an ultimate classy look. Or how about a blue button down shirt? This skirt will definitely be a staple coming fall as it’s very versatile.



  1. Some of this stuff is looking really amazing, but some of it is really expensive :/

  2. I really like this look. The suede scalloped skirt is just adorable!


  3. This post gave me inspiration on how to style button front skirts for the upcoming spring! thank you xx

  4. I am 56 years old and 40 years ago, I had exactly the same lightbrown leather skirt! I loved it and kept it in a box for 35 years… until with moving house fot the uptieth time, I decided to throw it out..( the leather had turned rather stiff) but todayI am so sorry: perhaps one of my vintage-loving daughters could have used it ….

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