6 Things Successful Women Do Every Day By Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad is a Career Girl by heart. Years after the successful series ‘The Hills’ ended, Conrad can call herself a writer, fashion designer, actress, model, reality star and entrepreneur. She is a role model for girls all over the world and with her awesome answer to the question What is your favourite position,’ where she answered ‘CEO’, she also showed her sassy and fun side.

Conrad believes in women empowerment and so do we! She gave weekly career advice, taken from her own experience, to motivate, encourage and empower other Career Girls around the world.

Today CGD gives you 6 of our favorite things that successful women do every single day.

#1 – Watch the clock

In other words: be on time! No matter what the occasion is, always be on time. Dinner with friends, an important meeting or lunch with your grandma, being on time shows punctuality and respect to the other person. At the same time it is a good mindset to have and create for other areas in your life.

#2 -Be Kind

Always be kind! You don’t have to be a ‘bitch’ in order to be successful or to rise to the top. Be nice to everyone you meet and support others in their career and personal life as well.

#3 – Make friends

Always make time for friends and try to make new ones. Successful women don’t have to be stuck to their desk 24/7. Talking with other people during work hours can help you to get your motivation back or get inspiration for your work. Socializing with colleagues during and after work will help you to establish important connections.

#4 – Treat your body right

Taking care of your body is a must when you want to be productive. Your mind doesn’t function properly when you don’t. So eat well, have enough sleep and exercise on a daily basis.

#5 – Tidy and clean

Clean house, clean mind! This is ‘oh-so’ true. Having a clean and tidy surrounding will clear your mind and help you to concentrate better on the important things.

#6 – Keep learning

Always keep learning and developing new skills. Successful women are always busy with improving themselves and learning new things. Always make sure you keep developing and progressing yourself to stay on top of all that is going on in your industry.

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