7 90’s Movies To Binge On Netflix This Weekend


You may think you’ve squeezed all you can from Netflix, and those weekends in bed can be difficult when you can’t find anything to watch. So are you tired of watching the same old stuff? Feel nostalgic and wanna visit some hits from your childhood? Then look no further, because we’ve compiled a list of the best Netflix 90s movies that you can binge on all weekend!


1. A film for those girly nights with friends:


Sick of watching Clueless over and over? Watch Heathers instead. See how Veronica HATES the clique of girls she’s in. But, as always, there’s a newcomer who has a solution to end this particular problem… OOOOOO!!!

2. A film to cry off your hangover:


Literally, one of my favorite films ever! Big Daddy will have you crying off your hangover blues easily! Watch as Sonny tries to show his girlfriend how mature he is, with a five-year-old. It doesn’t matter if it’s the thousandth time you’ve watched it, it still affects you the same. Find yourself laughing one minute, and crying the next with one of Adam Sandler’s best movies.

3. A film to watch under the covers:


Old school horrors are much better than some of the stuff they produce these days. For an actual scare, the previous decades do it better. But that also may be down to being too young to watch them when they came out! Oops! The 90s Blair Project is much better than the new remake, so get ready to hide under the covers!

4. A film to watch with your boyfriend: 


Picking a film with your boyfriend can be hard, especially when you don’t want to be stuck watching some action packed, man fuelled film. But this film will match the needs of both you and your partner and stop those squabbles about what to watch. It may seem a little manly at first glance, but trust me, you’ll love it.

5. A film for those Sundays dedicated to bed:


The Craft is one of those films I wish I watched earlier in life. It’s not one to drag your boyfriend into, but maybe one of your best girl pals. It’s all about the new girl, who finds herself wrapped up in a new clique in school. But, it’s a clique of teen witches, who aren’t afraid to use their powers on anyone who comes in their way.

6. A film to make you laugh:


Honey, I Shrunk The Kids! I can watch this over and over again. It’s an amazing film that’s different to any film I have ever seen before. One of my favorites of my childhood, this film takes me back! Watch as Wayne, an inventor tries to perfect his miniaturization machine. But he ends up shrinking the kids!

7. A film to make you fall in love with love again:


10 Things I Hate About You has to be one of our all-time favorites. It’s so sweet and so perfect! Plus, it’s a nice to see Heath Ledger’s face once again! With a soundtrack to keep you rocking, embrace your inner 90s girl and believe that guys aren’t that bad (at least not all the time anyway).


Which film is your favorite? Tell us which 90’s flick you can’t get enough of!

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  1. Wow so many great suggestions, I’m always looking for something new to watch on Netflix. Great post, I’ll definitely be stealing some of these ideas!
    Vicki x x

  2. I’m so excited to watch all of these on Netflix…tonight! Ty!

    – https://evanasfirsttimes.wordpress.com

  3. Looove 10 Things I Hate About You! Great list :)

    xo, Liz

  4. You should actually list the names of the movies! That’s a start when making a list!

  5. Did you manage to watch all these films in one night Evana? I’ll be uber impressed if you did! Did you like them as much as we did?

  6. We’re glad we could help Vicki, do you have any 90’s movies we didn’t include that you love?

  7. We’re glad you like it Liz. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched 10 things I hate about you! Do you have any more movies you would add to this list?

  8. Haha don’t underestimate an 18 year old who’s just finished her exams ? And no, I’ll just have to watch the rest tonight and I’m super excited!

  9. 10 Things I hate about you is one of my FAVORITE movies! From the music to the adorable Heath Ledger…what’s not to love?!

  10. Omg congratulations! I’m super happy for you! I hope you did well Evana! Netflix away you’ve earned it. What movies/ tv series are you watching right now? Are there any movies/tv series you would recommend?

  11. Thank you so much, it means a lot coming from you! Well I am in love with Modern Family and I wish I didn’t have to wait for the new episode to come out. And please don’t judge but Keeping up with the kardashians is my other fav! 13 reasons why was a good show too and I can’t wait for season two, although a little heavy but very touching.


  12. Oh my! I LOVE keeping up with the kardashians :’) But also made in chelsea! I really liked 13 reasons why, but I was so upset when the Riverdale season finale aired, I don’t want to wait! I just started re-watching Gossip Girl for the 7th time, I take 6 month breaks from it and then rewatch away! Would there be any type of article you would be interested in reading about on tv series?

  13. Hmmm I should start Made in Chelsea now that you mention it! I actually wasn’t too found of riverdale but I’m getting into it now. I cannot believe I forgot to tell you about Friends, because you re-watching gossip girl is the same thing but me watching friends haha. Yes! I would love an article on tv shows in the genre comedy because after friends and modern family, I just can’t find another show as funny as those.

    Also, would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog as I’m just embarking on this journey and would appreciate the support.

    Thanks! – https://evanasfirsttimes.wordpress.com

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