7 Activities For Your Not So Typical Girl’s Night Out

Probably the best night of the week: a girl’s night out. Going for dinner, having drinks, partying and lots of girl talk. Despite the fact that there is so much to do out there, most of us always end up doing the same things over and over again (cinema, going out for food, followed by drinks/dessert somewhere).

girlsnight out tips

Of course,there is nothing wrong with that, but spicing up your girl’s night with some fun activities is always a good idea. Try something new, be active and get to know your friends out of their comfort zone.

 We present the CGD guide to a different girl’s night out:

 #1 – Go-karting

Fun, competitive and not your typical girl’s night out. Go-karting is not for softies or girls who can’t handle speed. Make it a competition and see which one of you crosses the finish line first. And you don’t have to worry about your hair that night, because everyone will have to wear a helmet.

#2 – Potluck

I love food and I love a good potluck even more. Potluck is basically everyone brings a dish that can be shared with others. This way you have lots of different dishes to try while you and the girls have a cozy night in.

 #3 – Cheese and Wine party

Another idea for a cozy night in is the cheese and wine party. All you need is good wines, good (french) cheese and bread. It is a fun way to try different wines and cheeses and discover what is good with what.

 #4 – Spa

Everyone loves to be pampered. The spa is the best idea for a relaxed girl’s night out. Get a massage, facial, go into the sauna and have a dinner afterwards. For sure, the best and most chilled out girl’s night ever!

 #5 – Comedy Club

Go to the comedy club in your city. Stand-up comedy is guaranteed a fun night out. Some comedy clubs even have the bigger comedians performing a try-out of their new shows. Which means an affordable night out with lots of laughter.

 #6 – Roller-, Ice skating Disco

Probably doesn’t sound cool enough for some of you, but a roller- and ice skating disco is so much fun! Some of them have different themes and dress codes, which can lead to a pretty fun pre-party beforehand as well.

 #7 – Amusement Arcade

Where the competitive side of everyone comes out. The Arcade is fun, active and entertaining. You can do multiple games and  have several (team) competitions to see who is the best at racing, basketball or air hockey (my absolute favorite). This night will absolutely show who the most competitive one out of the group is.

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