7 Amazing Apps For Starting A Business

photo: Carmen Hamilton

Forget Tinder and make your mobile your new business partner with these savvy apps designed to help your small business make it big time.

Your time is your most valuable asset and Toggl helps you communicate this to your clients, teams and most importantly – yourself! As well as being an excellent tool for tracking your time for others (think invoicing, billing, etc.) Toggl clearly and easily shows you where your most valuable asset is being spent.

Slack is a messaging system for teams which encompasses direct messages, public forums, and private team threads, Slack makes it easy to communicate with your partners and teammates. Whether discussing lunch, reviewing interview candidates or working on the latest design assets collaboratively, this app keeps your communication channels clean and efficient. 


When you do most of your tasks paperlessly, having to print out certain documents can be a pain in the ass. So SignEasy is really a little miracle. It allows you to sign and fill PDF and other documents through your phone! So you’ll never have to needlessly print and scan ever again!

Keep track of all your expenses in an innovative way, by seeing the visuals of everything you’ve spent plus item details, taxes/VAT, totals and merchant info. All you have to do is take a picture of a paper receipt and they’re all collected together, plus by connecting your email your receipts will all be stored safely on the cloud. And you can categorize them!

Air Transfer
This app helps you transfer what you’re seeing or playing on your PC or Mac to your phone/iPad with a single drag&drop. Which means anything you work on your phone can go straight to your PC ready to upload, and likewise, any photos, music or movies can be moved onto your phone. Pretty genius, right? It’s like magic, and you don’t even need to plug in cables anymore.

This completely free app will help you make sure your Wi-Fi network is secure. It scans your network for security risks, connectivity issues and can map devices and identify intruders. It’s basically a toolkit for the best connection you can possibly get, but it also helps you if you think your neighbor might be using your Wi-Fi…

Mozy basically backs up everything you love so you can access it on any device, anywhere. From photos and documents to movies and music, you can have everything with you no matter where you are in the world.

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  1. I’m going to try Air Transfer. A lot of times I work on my phone and it’s such a pain to transfer to my laptop!
    Thanks for the advice
    – Belen
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