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Every blogger knows you need to constantly be on the lookout for resources and inspiration. You can’t be expected to work on a blog every day if you don’t have the inspiration to do so. Plus, adapting and changing will help sustain your blog’s success.

I’ve trawled the web for some of my old favorites and new resources that any blogger should dip into!

Creative Market
So you want to add design elements to your blog or website easily? Creative Market is the site you need to be browsing. It gathers together the best of graphics, themes, photos, fonts and more in an easy to use, buy and download area. You can invest in fonts, and the best is, every Monday you’ll get six free downloads to choose from!

Dream Bundles 
Want mega bundles of design goodies for free or at ridiculously discounted prices? Dream Bundles gathers together the best of the best and allows you to download them in one bundle. They come with commercial licenses, too. Right now they’re doing a bundle of 20 fonts for free. Awesome!


Been creeping on your favorite blogger’s theme for ages? Wondering how they got to be so beautiful? idthed is a resource of all your favorite themes, where they came from and who designed them. We’re not saying you should copy, but it is super inspiring to see the best of the best in one place and get some serious inspo.

Like Pinterest, but solely focused on Design. This website will become your new addiction if you’re interested in stepping up the look and feel of your website. From color themes to graphic design inspiration, you will find your new mood board favorites. You can even search by color so finding some inspiration for your theme has never been easier.

Build A Profitable Blog Course 
Blogging for business can be tough. Sometimes you have literally no idea how to turn your hobby into a profitable one, luckily Mariah from Femtrepreneur put together a free course to help you with just that. This free 7-day email course will help you with all the lessons she learned building her blog from 0 – $120K in 12 months. Can’t harm to have it in your inbox.

Instagram Authority Course 
Need to up your Insta-game? Alex Tooby is running a free Instagram Authority course that will help you make your business and blog align. Alex is something of an authority on Instagram herself, she generates $100,000 a year in revenue thanks to Instagram and has had a 4-page spread in Cosmopolitan Magazine about her Instagram account @menandcoffee. If you want to increase your sales, followers and subscribers – sign up.

From Blog To Business 
Skillshare is running a course on how to monetize your blog while staying true to your brand. The VP of Bloglovin’ Morgan Kaye runs this course and shares insight from the 750,000 bloggers that use the Bloglovin’ service on how to build consistent and quality content, grow your social community and monetize through sponsorship. You can get free membership to Skillshare too in a trial, and then cancel before your first month is charged!

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