Amazing Things That Happen When You Live Alone

large (1)Living alone can be hard sometimes. There are some days when all you need is to come back home to a home cooked meal made by a person you love, and others when all you want is to hide away from the world and have your own space.

Being a career girl means that most of the time you have to learn to make it on your own and sometimes living alone is a part of the process. Don’t fear the independence, here are the bonuses of living alone!

#1 You have your independence

Of course, the number one bonus of living alone is that it gives you such a great lesson on how to be independent. In order to be a strong woman you need to be able to cope on your own and handle the challenges that come with it, bills, groceries and cleaning are all mundane but essential parts of life. Being able to be independent doesn’t mean that you are a lonely person and that you are burdened to face everything on your own. It only means you are able to take a great care of yourself.

#2 You have no inhibitions

Want to eat ice cream for dinner or do a dance routine in front of your mirror? Nobody can laugh at you or raise their eyebrows to criticise. You get to do whatever you want, including singing as loud as you want and refusing to do the washing up. Bliss.

#3 You never ever have to share

If you share your apartment it also means that you have to share most of the space and have to compromise on a lot of things, including your habits. You have to adapt to another person’s way of living and well, a lot of times be understanding and patient. If you live alone you can be delightfully selfish, run around naked if you really want and hog the bathroom for hours. You deserve it!

#4 You get peace and quiet

Living alone means there is no one you can argue with. No fights over dirty dishes and no passive aggressive notes left on the kitchen counters. Don’t underestimate this, it is definitely one of the best advantages of living alone. The only person you have to argue with is yourself…if you really want to.

#5 You can fill it with whatever you want

Hell, you can decorate your apartment to match the interior of your local Urban Outfitters or just stick weird photos and postcards all over the wall. Nobody can tell you your choice of rug is ugly or that you can’t adorn every surface with a jewellery holder and a candle. Plus you can crack out the incense and nobody will moan that they don’t like the scent.

#6 Your makeup game gets strong

With no sharing, you will be able to use the bathroom for how long you need, you can spread your makeup all over the place and film your very own amateur YouTube beauty videos. Say goodbye to quick showers and super quick make up application and give yourself a big round of applause: you finally made it, you have a bathroom all for your own!

#7 You get super organised

You can make and follow you own timetable and this is such a bonus! If you decide to stay up all night to catch up on the last ten episodes of The Originals you are more than welcome to do so. If you don’t feel like cleaning the bathroom today, you can do it tomorrow (but please, do it!). If after work you decide to go out for drinks with your friends you are free to do it and don’t have to worry about apologising to someone who might be waiting for you at home to have dinner together. Plus you don’t have to tip toe home trying desperately not to stumble and knock everything over at 3am.

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  1. Urgh I live alone and I love that so so much ! I used to live with my ex boyfriend and I enjoy so so much living alone ! I like having a tidy home, being able to go to a last-minute after work drink are whatever … Not that I think that living with someone is awful but I really enjoy being by myself !

  2. These are some of my favourite things about living alone as well. And I love the fact that I get to decide when people visit me. No more mornings with the roommate’s boyfriend in the kitchen when I look like a demon from hell!

    The only downside is that because I mostly work from home, I sometimes leave my place in the afternoon and realise I haven’t spoken a word all day. That’s probably how my habit of talking to myself started… But there’s no one around to judge me, so I’ll do what I want!

  3. I most definitely miss living alone. It’s great having a partner and automatic company but there’s something so refreshing about just being able to have some independence after the day is all said and done.

  4. Great article! I speak from experience… Living alone is awesome (for the most part). I wrote a similar post called “BYOB” on my blog at . Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.


  5. Well, I’m reading this post only to help me accept that living alone is awesome – and that way this post really does help.. but when I read the comments all I’m thinking is.. it’s reaally not THAT fun. There is nothing more fun than having someone/some people to share your crazy/stupid moments with, to fight over leftovers or messy rooms, to have group discussion on where to go out or order in. Yes, I like to have some space for myself but I wouldn’t say it’s the ‘ultimate’ thing be by yourself. So yes, for girls living with someone/some people appreciate who you are with you might just miss it when you are all set to be on your own. ;)

  6. That’s so true. I don’t live alone, but those are the things I sometimes miss even it’s usually nice to have somebody at home and to share things with.

    Sometimes I just would like to sing and dance by myself without someone laughing at me or something like that…but I normally can’t…

  7. I could have written this (apart from the makeup bit). It’s not exactly a revelation that living on your own can be amazing, I honestly have no idea why it’s such a chore for other people or why they need persuading that your own company is just as good as other people’s company at times. I love it above all, to have a partner is nice but I need my space. For me, it would be fun to live nearby separately from them so you can have the best of both worlds. I’m definitely team livealone

  8. I did live alone a few years while studying / starting to work and it was awesome. I could invite friends over all the time, I could also stay on my own, be lazy and enjoy music. Nowadays, I almost do the same because he doesn’t really mind. Except for the sharing bit, everything is the same. One of us always assumes a part of the house as “our space”. I have the bedroom and he has the office so we kinda keep our own space and if we want to be together we invade each others territory. It’s all about how you keep your own space living alone or together

  9. I can do feel you!!!! FUN! Privacy! Time for good thinking and self craziness!!! I cud be living “alone” yet I have the Holy Spirit I can always gist with!!! So real xoxoxo

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