7 Apps That Will Save Your Ass In Your Twenties


Fanny Lyckman

Here at CGD HQ we love filling our phones and devices with apps. Apps are life savers which is why we compile so many lists of our faves. This time, we’re looking at CGD’s smartphones, because, despite the fact we’ve written about how beneficial it is to step away from your phone, sometimes we just can’t live without them. Here is a round up of 7 amazing apps that we all have on our phones!

1. Daily Budget

This is our new fave app for saving money. If you struggle with saving, read our article on financial goals every twenty something should have, and then download this app. You input your incomings and this app will calculate how much you can spend a day so you can save for that summer vacay or investment bag!

2. Uber 

We often find ourselves all over the city needing a lift, and rather than wait for a taxi we love the fact you can click on an app and watch a car come to you – plus you don’t have to deal with money as it’s all done through the app. It’s safe (you can text friends your location and see a picture of your driver) super convenient, and hassle free.

3. Career Girl Daily 

Yep, if you want to see the site while you’re commuting or on the go, the CGD app has all our latest articles plus a few extras. You can bookmark your fave articles to read later, and sometimes we’ll add exclusive content just for you! Amazing!

4. Freeletics

Freeletics is the best coach based trainer app around. If you struggle to get fit and have been following our eat more lose more routine, you need to pay for the coach on the Freeletics app. It will take into consideration your fitness levels and design a routine you can stick to, plus the results that normal people have seen through Freeletics are amazing!

5. Deliveroo 

Yeah, when you’re too busy to cook and you don’t want to order unhealthy takeaway Deliveroo is your best friend. We love ordering smoothies, juices and salads through Deliveroo for dinner or lunch. Guilty!

6. Treatwell

If you need a beauty treatment but can’t be bothered to call up a salon, Treatwell is the app for you. You can book your favorite treatments and find new salons through the app so you can always stay looking and feeling your best when your at-home spa treatment doesn’t feel the same!

7. Laundry Day – Care Symbol Reader

Moving out comes with extra responsibilities like doing your own laundry. After almost all of our Sales Director Lois’s clothes turned pink (it’s happened to us all!) she downloaded Laundry Day – Care Symbol Reader. You can easily scan the washing tag on your clothes and this app will just tell you how to wash it. Phew!

  • LisaLDN

    OMG #7 will be my new lifesaver! I can’t even begin to explain how many sweaters I’ve ruined by not reading the tags! Thank you!

    — LisaLDN.com

  • Brittany from Boston

    Deliveroo sounds so great, hopefully they bring that service to the US soon!

  • Ariane Kuijt

    Deliveroo sounds like such a great app! I checked to see whether they deliver in my area, but unfortunately not. So I have to keep on ordering unhealthy food, too bad!

  • Audra Nicole Koch

    I could definitely use Daily Budget! So guilty of seeing my money fly out the window (and into Sephora’s cash register)

    Audra | http://www.southernnyorker.com

  • Tatyana K Afeli

    Right all the 7 apps sound absolutely fab so I’m going to download the ones I need now (freeletics and cgd app) and I’ll download the ones ( Daily budget, Uber, Deliveroo, Treatwell AND Laundry Day) I’ll need when I go to university!! *laughing emoji* TY CGD!

  • Becky

    I never even thought of ordering smoothies with deliveroo. Great idea!

  • Hippie Fish Beach Art

    Sometimes I wish I was in UK! All these apps are great especially things being delivered to your door!

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