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7 Beauty Products To Stash In Your Desk For Emergencies

large (9)We’ve all been there – you get to work and suddenly realize your make-up, hair or nails need a touch-up. But fear not! With our list of top beauty products to stash away at the office, you’ll never be in need again:

#1 A nail file.

Stop broken nails before they happen by getting a glass or metal nail file. This is especially useful if you’re a nail-biter (many of us find we bite our nails less if we’re not worried about loose ends turning into hangnails). Resist the urge to buy cardboard files—they break easily and become dull quickly!

#2 A Tangle Teezer & dry shampoo.

These will probably give you the biggest boost to your look – nothing refreshes like a bit of Batiste! Of course, you could use any kind of small brush, but Tangle Teezers are great for brushing through every strand painlessly, starting from the roots. This is especially handy when you’re combing through dry shampoo! Keep a favourite scent of Batiste at your desk for those days when your hairstyle could use a little boost.

#3 Kohl pencil and a blending brush.

Liquid liner might be a cult favourite, but it’s notoriously difficult to put on quickly. Use a kohl liner on your top lash line, dotting rather than making one fluid motion. Then take your blending brush and run it along the lash line, smoothing over any spots you might have missed. The result is a smoky-looking liner that looks professional. Perfect for a last-minute touch-up!

#4 Mascara.

The best eye-opener there is, mascara is a must-have for the office. The trick here is finding a good brush that lets you layer on the liquid; this way you can have a first coat for the office and top up for after-work drinks. We recommend Benefit’s “Yes, They’re Real” – the small brush declumps lashes and separates them, for a lengthening effect.

#5 A concealer pen.

We recommend a concealer pen partly due to it’s easy application (no brushes needed!) but also because we know that troublesome spot you didn’t notice this morning might have reared it’s ugly head by the time your 3pm meeting has rolled around. Always keep an extra pen in your desk, separate from the one in your at-home make-up kit—you never know when that spot will decide to pop up or those under-eye bags will suddenly become visible!

#6 Lip gloss.

Gloss gives you a larger margin of error for mistakes than lipstick, without the mess of having to touch up all the time. You can’t go wrong with a clear shine!

#7 Cleansing wipes.

If you mess up and have to start all over again, cleansing wipes will give you the do-over you need without needing make-up remover and cotton pads.

Written by Charlotte Bailey.

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Beth is the editor of CGD and lives in London surrounded by piles of papers and highlighters. In her spare time she has conversations with dogs and writes short stories.


  1. Alexis Jackson says

    Blending brush!! Yes yes. That is so important, there have been days were I desperately needed my brush.

  2. Blondes & Bagels says

    Dry shampoo is a MUST. I have a can at work and at my boyfriend’s place because, you know, emergencies.

  3. Monique says

    I couldn’t agree more with this list! I don’t leave my house without a tangle teezer, because you just never know!
    Casually Chic by Monique

  4. Grady says

    I confess, I have a little drawer on my desk that I keep items like that in – so useful! Also, this may seem obvious but I have a tiny compact mirror as well, so I can actually SEE what needs touching up without trying to awkwardly hold my phone and apply at the same time!

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