7 Best Apps For Editing Your Instagram Stories


Instagram stories are to Instagram what blogging used to be to the internet. Almost everyone (including elderly relatives) are jazzing up their Instagram stories with effects, overlays, and highlight covers.

Whether you’re filming your vacation or making a conscious effort to create unique content on your stories, apps can make it so much easier to create content. And yes, there are some really good ones out there. Here are our favorites:

1. Over

Over will help you create branded content, with templates, photos, fonts, graphics, templates, and tools to filter, blend, mask and blur like a pro. You can add text, animate your photo, create something exciting and make something professional and visual. Find it here.

2. Vont


Vont is a genius app for adding fonts to your videos, you can add any font you want to the app, by downloading them to the app (which is super simple!). You can upgrade your videos this way and make them look beautiful and professional. Find it here.

3. A Color Story

Want to add filters and effects to your videos? This is the way to do it. With a huge range of creative filters and effects, you can make your videos look pretty before you even upload them. Make your photos and videos look amazing and play with different filters and effects. Find it here.

4. Unfold

Unfold will help you tell stories with your Instagram stories, you can add templates, text, photo frames and more to create something unique and captivating. You can add fonts, vintage polaroid filters, and create unique layouts. Find it here.



5. InShot

Edit your videos like a professional and add glitches, edit your skin tone, add music, and make your videos look incredible. There are so many cool filters, stickers, effects, and more that you can add to your video with this app. Find it here.

6. Splice

If you’re looking for a more professional video editor, don’t download some program on your computer. Instead, use Splice. You can duplicate your video, trim, cut, speed up and slow down, add music, and more to make your stories look like professionally edited videos. Find it here.

7. A Design Kit

The sister to A Color Story, this app works together with A Color Story and allows you to get creative with your stories. Add drawings, text, and stickers. You can choose paints that are metallic, multi-colored, and sparkly, add videos, scribbles, and shapes. Find it here.



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