Lacking Motivation? Here Are The 7 Best Goal Setting Apps

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You can have all the motivation in the world and still benefit from a little push in life. You may think that you everything mapped out for you, but there’s probably still a chance you can make things even clearer. Having your goals set out in front of you is the perfect motivation to achieve them, and these 7 apps will help you every step of the way. (free)

When your dreams are there, but life keeps getting in the way this app is the solution. Merging your goals with everyday tasks, you begin each day with the perfect plan to get you through.

CheckMark Goals (free)

Sometimes setting goals can be as easy as having them in front of you to tick off. Writing something down can give you the ammunition you need, and being able to tick them off will leave you feeling fully satisfied afterwards.

OptimizeMe ($3.99)

You may be eager to set yourself goals, but have absolutely no idea where to start. Offering you a helping hand, OptimizeMe collects data about you to give the insight into your life that you might be lacking. Those daily little motivation destroyers can be eliminated with just a few clicks.

Habit Seed ($0.99)

Often the only thing standing in between you and your goals is the little things that get you there. This sweet little app lets you lets you take getting there step-by-step, growing your habit gradually each day.

Don’t Break The Chain! (free)

Or, if tough loving is what you need then something as simple as this app would be perfect. It’s as easy as putting an ‘X’ on the days you’ve done what you needed to reach your goal. Break the chain and you will have to start all over again, that’s one way to motivate you.

Smart Goals ($2.99)

When your goals all feel far too out of reach, Smart Goals could be exactly what you need to bring them back to reality. It’s easy for your dreams and your goals to all fall into one, but this will help you gain perspective by clearly separating them.

Way Of Life (free)

Whatever it is stopping you reaching your goals can be highlighted with this handy tool. You can set yourself daily reminders, and it will help you to break the habits you could do without in your life. Track your progress, and be proud when you look back at everything you have defeated.

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  1. I lurve! I can have it on at work via a chrome app and it syncs with my phone too. Plus I’ve set up an ITTT so I can send work emails and then they become tasks.

    I’m going to have to check out optimise me because even though I have a vague idea of where I’m headed, I still think my goals should be ‘smart’er

  2. sounds awesome exactly what I need right now in order to balance my school life and personal life better and build up my motivation again! Thank you CGD!!

  3. Why didn’t I even think of turning to an app for this problem… ummm TY I’m getting one now!

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