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7 Quick And Easy Breakfasts To Have Before Work

At home beauty remedies that are good enough to eat!It can be tough to take those extra five minutes in the morning to eat breakfast but it’s definitely worth it. It’s actually so much worse to skip meals, and your body needs to be fed in the morning to have enough energy to be productive and awake through the day. Check out these seven quick and easy breakfasts so you don’t have to make a mad dash to work with a limp slice of toast in your hand.

#1 Oatmeal

Oatmeal is definitely a breakfast classic, but for a good reason. You can eat oatmeal cold, hot with various fruits, sprinkle it with cinnamon. The opportunities are endless. Another super quick and easy way to enjoy oatmeal in the morning is to make overnight oats. They are especially delicious and can be made in a mason jar so you can even eat them on the go.

#2 Pancake Apple Rings

Once you have eaten pancake apple rings it will become your number one breakfast choice, and it’s so easy to make. Basically you just cut an apple into normal apple rings and then dip them in pancake batter. Then put them in a pan and viola you have a delicious and quick breakfast.

#3 Breakfast Popsicle

This one is for anybody who likes their breakfast cold! All you need to do is buy a popsicle mold, add some yoghurt and fruits of your choice and put it in the freezer. To form your popsicle you can also use an old yoghurt container with a popsicle stick in the bottom.

#4 Smoothie

Smoothies for breakfast are great especially if you don’t want to eat something “real” in the morning. A good alternative is to drink your breakfast. Pinterest is basically your bible for smoothie recipes so make sure to check it out for some great ideas. To make your smoothie a little bit more textured and cold you can prep all your soothe ingredients for the week and freeze them. That way in the morning you will save a lot of time! Not to forget you’ll have an awesome Instagram picture if you pour your smoothie in a cute mason jar and snap it.

#5 Honey Banana

I know it sounds kind of weird but it’s actually delicious. You cut your banana in slices, cover the slices in honey and sprinkle them with cinnamon. Heat them up in a pan and enjoy.

#6 Egged Muffins

This is another great breakfast. Crack some eggs in a bowl and add whatever you normally like in your scrambled eggs such as veggies, bacon and so on. Then scramble it all together in the bowl as usual. Bit instead of pouring it into a pan, pour it in a muffin form. Then bake or microwave it until your muffin has your desired texture. In the end you will be left with an amazing egg muffin that you can also enjoy on the go.

#7 The Classics

Peanut butter toast, Nutella, fruit loops you name it. We all know these breakfast choices even though they might not be the healthiest choice. Allow yourself to cheat once a in while. Personally my “unhealthy breakfast day” is Friday, I like Friday as I see my unhealthy breakfast as a reward for a successful week. And Friday basically equals party night for me so I can dance those little extra calories right off at night.

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  1. Hannah says

    love this, definitely trying honey bananas sounds so delish!

  2. Renate says

    Oh this sounds so good, thanks for the ideas! I mostly eat just some bread as breakfast, but i will make my breakfast more special with this ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Renate | | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  3. Jas Poole says

    Peanut butter on toast is always my go to <3 Add a little bit of banana and it's so gorgeous and really good for you!

    Jas //

  4. Ciara-Rose says

    Love the idea of honey bananas and also the pancake apple rings sound amazing.. how have I never had these before!?! Loved this post, some great ideas. x

    Ciara Rose | AllureImpassionedGoddess

  5. Bella B says

    I think I need to make some breakfast popsicles!

  6. camille says

    Those pancake apple rings seem so delicious

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