7 Cliches You Shoud Avoid During A Job Interview


Job interviews can be a daunting experience, no matter what the position or job title every job interview has the same intent to analyse you as a person and make the judgement if you are right for the role…no wonder it’s a nerve-racking experience!  Getting your nerves under control is the first step to a successful interview and the next is to avoid typical cliche answers which an employer has heard hundreds of times.

You need to stand out from the crowd and be noticed so here are 7 cliches to avoid to ensure you don’t fall into the typical interview phrases.

1. ‘I am the ideal employee’
This may be true however it is something you could say in any interview no matter what the job. What makes you the ideal employee for this particular role? Give specific examples and reasoning.

2. ‘I am a team player’
One of the most cliche phrases used in job interviews, try to re phrase and elaborate to make it sound different and stand out from all the other interviwees who are also ‘team players’. Such as, ‘I feel I work efficiently in group projects, I am able to fit into a team and work together to achieve our goal.’

3. ‘I’m great with people’
This is a very general statement which is easy to slip out at an interview. But rather than stating this, it is better to demonstrate your people skills to the interviewer, if you really are good with people and general communication this will come across in the interview and they will be able to see it for themselves.

4. ‘I am a perfectionist’
Often used in interviews whether it is used as a negative or positive attribute, be careful as this could suggest you find it hard to complete tasks to a deadline as you are never fully happy with it. Perhaps say ‘I endeavour to complete all tasks and projects to the highest standard, and never work any less than my best efforts’

5. ‘ I am open to any role’
Stay clear of this as it can show desperation to an employer that you are looking for anything. It is impressive to show you have passion and goals rather than ‘being open to anything’ you can always say that you feel you ‘fit well into a variety of working environments’ instead which suggests a willingness to try different roles.

6. ‘I am a workaholic’
Definitely one of the most used interview cliches, but it is one which you may regret saying ! If an employer thinks you are willing to work all hours and be the last to leave the office, they will have no problem letting you…and you might not even be getting paid for the extra work.

7. ‘I am a hard worker’
A phrase which is always used in interviews, but hard work is pretty much guaranteed in any job role. Be specific and give examples of when you have worked hard and gone that extra mile.

The ability to have a great and successful interview will come with practice. Going on regular interviews even when you are not particularly looking for a new job will keep you in the game and keep your interview skills fresh, ready for when an opportunity comes along for a job which you really want.

Written by Kelsie Mcphail

  1. I have been interviewing a lot lately, so I stumbled upon this post at just the right time. This is definitely helpful, and I’ve got some interviews coming up this week. I definitely plan to keep this advice in mind moving forward! Thank you. xoxo Lisa

  2. This is really helpful thanks, i’m always trying to figure out ways of rephrasing the cliche phrases that often come up in interviews. This is great help. :)

  3. I’ve been working in the staffing industry for the last 7 years and another cliche I hear time and time again is “I’m looking to gain experience”. This sounds noble, however, employers may hear one of two things:

    1. I don’t want a long term career with your company, I just want some experience to get a better one.

    2. I don’t have any particular interest in your company but it can’t hurt.

    Let’s be honest – you want a job for income… And you would like to enjoy your job as well – tell the employer why!

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