The 7 Day Green Beauty Challenge You Should Do This Week


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I’m on holiday right now, so my good habits have gone right out of the window, but when I want to restart them and get a pep in my step, this 7-day green beauty challenge is absolutely the way to do it. If you want to get your zest back, have a fresh face, and go green, here’s how.


In order to make this seven days really work, it’s time you implement the magic ingredient for perfect skin. The earlier the better so day one should be spent starting a course of supplements. Your perfect skin needs to come from within, too. Oskia Pure MSM Supplements change your skin texture with only two tablets a day for a plump, youthful radiance.


I certainly don’t get enough water, I carry a bkr water bottle with me everywhere I go, but I still don’t fill it up enough. Day one will see you drink 2 litres of water exactly. Try 8 eight ounce glasses and make a point of drinking it in one day.


Try and keep up your water habits, but today is all about the scrub. A natural face scrub can easily be made in your kitchen, with oatmeal, banana, mashed avocado, and honey. Easy peasy! If you aren’t the DIY type, try a lush cosmetics Oatifix mask.


Your skin should already be getting its glow back, but a glycolic peel will really make sure you’re fresh. Yesterday’s oat mask scrubbed away those pesky dead skin cells, so now you need to get that fresh face. Caudalie Glycolic Face Peel is all-natural and will give you your glow back.


Vitamin C is vital for glowing skin. It’s important not to overdo it with this 7-day challenge so make sure you’re only doing one thing every day (on top of your normal cleansing and toning routine) and if your skin appears more irritated than usual give it a rest of 24 hours or more. By now your skin should be fresh, clean, your breakouts should be subsiding and people should be noticing your glow. Massage Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Serum into your skin and by tomorrow you’ll be radiant.

DAY 6 – “MILK IT” 

You’re nearly at the end of your challenge and if you’re keeping up with the good habits of drinking water and following the 7-day steps, you should have noticed the superhuman glow your skin has. To lock in that glow you should follow this 7-day programme once a month, and use a hydrating and soothing milk like L’Occitane Almond Smoothing And Beautifying Milk Concentrate to treat your skin after the peels etc.


Finish your 7-day challenge with some blissful aromatherapy. Light a Neom Organics Skin Treatment Candle and relax, you can always use the oil on your skin for extra hydration once it has burned out. Bliss.


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