7 Fruits That Will Help You To Get Back Into Shape For This Summer

With Summer a few months away it is the ultimate time to start thinking about how to get back in shape for a period full of beaches, bikinis, sea, sun, cocktails and long Summer nights. Sad enough I do not belong to the smart group of people who stays in shape over the Winter, which makes it even more necessary to start ASAP!

Unfortunately for us, there are no secret fruits that will make us magically loose weight just by eating them. There are however some fruits that, if you have an healthy lifestyle and workout, will help you to loose weight. It is time to replace the chocolate with Apples, the jelly beans with grapes and the crisps with blueberries, because Summer is on its way.

The mains reasons why fruit is very healthy and will help you to get back in shape for this Summer are:

– Fruits, and especially citrus fruits, contain a special enzyme (Actinidain) that stimulates your digestion and speeds up your metabolism

– Fruit is pure nature and does not harm your body

– Fruit is a healthy snack, is much better than a cake or a candy bar and it is easier consumed by your body

– Fruit gives you energy and your body needs the sugar that fruits contain

– There is lots of fiber in fruits. These ensure that you will get the ‘full feeling’ and not unnecessarily overeat.

21081816_12961. APPLE

The average Apple contains around 60 calories. In addition, they contain a relatively low level of sugar and fat and is rich in vitamins A,B,C, E and mineral like calcium, magnesium and zinc.


Eating blueberries is good for the reduction of the belly fat and has also other health benefits. The blueberry contains lots of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and fiber, which will give you a satisfied feeling.


Grapefruit helps with digestion and contains beneficial antioxidants and fiber, just like the blueberry. This has a positive effect for everyone who wants to lose weight. The substance in the grapefruit will encourage more fat burning and therefor helps to lose more pounds.


The biggest advantage of the Pineapple is that the very low in calories. Some people even believe that the Pineapple contains negative calories. This means that the body burns more calories in the process of digesting the Pineapple, than what contains in the fruit itself ! Just like the Pear the Pineapple also contains a high amount of fibers which will quickly give you a sense of satisfaction.


Pears contain a lot of fiber, which helps you to feel full. Next to that, pears are really good for your heart and have a cholesterol lowering function due to the level of potassium it contains.


Apart from the fact that a kiwi is low in calories (25 calories each) and sugars, it is also very healthy. Kiwi’s contain lots of vitamin C (166 % of your daily requirement) and it is a good source of potassium.


A lemon contains acids that fats are less easily absorbed by the body . A lemon as natural food is not tasty but do something lemon juice in a glass of water. This makes your water fresh and extra healthy!


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