7 Mac Hacks You Didn’t Know That Will Save Your Life

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    As the digital generation we are quick to think we know all there is to know when it comes to technology.

    Always glued to our laptops, there is no denying that we are a dab hand with the little devices. We’ve written about the benefits of putting our devices aside, but whether we like it or not we’re extremely reliant on them. We know how much you love your Mac, so here are a couple of hacks that will probably save your life at some point.

    The knowledge wizard:

    Command + Control + D

    The quickest way to make you look like a genius in the matter of just a few seconds. Select a word, use that magic combination and you’ll be instantly smarter with a dictionary definition, thesaurus and Wikipedia search right before your eyes.

    The quick tidy:

    Command + D

    Keeping your laptop clean is essential, but it shouldn’t take you ages to delete those unwanted files. With this little trick you won’t have to drag to the trash, and instead be able to delete lots at once. If you need tips for clearing out your inbox, just check out our handy guide here!

    The on-demand emoji:

    Command + control +space

    Want the emoji keyboard as easy to access as it is on your phone? With this little trick you can add those all-important icons to your conversations just as quick.

    The good old delete:

    FN + D

    Macs are great, but one thing they are missing is a delete button. While there is a backspace to use, you’ve probably found yourself missing the windows method of deleting. Simply hold FN when you press backspace and you have yourself that beloved old delete button again.

    The perfect tuner:

    Shift + Volume/Brightness

    Finding the right settings for your computer can be impossible. One setting is too high, the others are too low, and you can spend ages trying to get the perfect set-up. With this little tip you can adjust the settings in smaller increments, making it easy to fine-tune your laptop to exactly how you want it to be.

    The instant Tweeter:

    Right-click and Tweet

    The perfect Tweet can happen at any moment, and you want to be able to post it as soon as it does. Simply highlighting text, right-clicking and selecting the option to tweet will take you straight to the Twitter app with the tweet all ready to go.

    The distraction stopper:

    Do Not Disturb

    Desperately trying to get work done, but can’t avoid all the tempting distractions? Read our article on being productive first and then go to the sidebar and select the do not disturb to button and you will allow yourself the opportunity to actually get stuff done.

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  • LisaLDN

    AAAH, The Emoji trick! :D Thank you!

    — LisaLDN.com

  • mediamarmalade

    Love these tips, thanks :D

    Mel x

  • Gemma

    Woow, I didn’t know about half of these! Definitely going to be using that Twitter option! thanks!

    Gemma | activelygemma.com/blog

  • Luno

    I’ve had a mac for 2 years and didn’t know half of these 😁 Fab article!


  • Lieke

    The emoji one! I didn’t know that! So useful! Thank you! But the delete button (fn + d) isn’t working for me? ):


  • Camille Beygui

    These are absolutely amazing ! Thanks for sharing I felt like a two year old trying them all ahah

  • Kate

    “The quick tidy:

    Command + D” – Just a note, when you’re looking at your files in the Finder, “command + D” is Duplicate – so rather than clearing out your files you’ll be creating a bigger mess!! To move your files to the trash you want “command + delete” (delete is aka. backspace). Hit me up for more keyboard commands, I’m happy to help.

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