5 Life Lessons Learned From The Power Woman Who Has It All: Sofia Vergara

She is one of the highest-earning actresses on television and you probably know her as the gorgeous Latina Gloria from the hit series Modern Family, but Power Woman Sofia Vergara does so much more than that. Off camera, Vergara is working hard on her business empire, a talent management and entertainment marketing firm called Latin World entertainment, that she co-founded in the 90s.

She is funny, bold, sarcastic, does not like to follow trends and knows that confidence is key, here are the 5 inspiring life lessons we can learn from Sofia Vergara:

Confidence is key

She is funny, smart, gorgeous and an actress in one of the most popular shows on TV, so we understand this woman’s confidence. Sophia knew that confidence was key even before she got famous. So ignore that little voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough because you definitely are!

Embrace yourself

Sofia Vergara is proud of her curves and embraces herself for who she is and the way she looks. Now we all can see that this woman is in great shape, but living in the public eye and especially in Hollywood, having curves is not always highly appreciated. So no matter what size you are, embrace yourself!

Dress for you

If we were all honest with ourselves we know that 9 out of 10 times we want to look good for other people and not just ourselves. We often care what people think of us based on what we choose to wear. Sofia made it very clear that she dresses for herself and does not follow trends. She knows a lot of women don’t like the way she dresses, but her clothes make her feel good and as long as she is having a good time and is enjoying herself, she does not care what other people think. So, never forget to do what makes you happy!

Failure is okay

Probably one of the life lessons the CGD team keeps preaching, no one likes failure, but failure is okay. Sofia managed to take lessons from her failures and turn them into successes. She does not let her failures define her of stop her from being a successful woman. Vergara uses her failures to learn valuable lessons which she can use to develop and become an even more successful person. That is definitely advice we need to take home.

Make yourself happy

Because seriously, who else is going to do that for you! Sofia says she understands that there are situations that can make you feel unhappy, but don’t dwell on them. Pick yourself up, get yourself together and change the situation if possible, otherwise let go and find a way to make yourself happy again.

  • http://www.theawayblog.wordpress.com The A-Way // Amanda

    Sofia is SO SO SO right! I love this post and these 5 points are some of the most important ones in your daily life! I hope everyone reads this post and strives to pursue this way of living!
    Thanks for, once again, a great post!
    Best of luck!
    Amanda // http://www.theawayblog.wordpress.com

  • http://explorista.nl Milou

    I find this post so generic, when it could be SO much more. I’d love to see actual anecdotes the lessons are based on… or maybe even quotes? :)

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