7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Job Search

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Looking for a new job? You’re not alone. Often times the hardest part of getting hired comes before the interview, and even when you’re trying hard to get hired, the odds aren’t always in your favor. But fear not! Check out our list of faux-pas for job searches, as well as the ways to fix them. Here are some reasons your mobile’s not ringing with job offers!

#1 You’re keeping your search quiet.

Sure, you don’t want to tell your coworkers, but you should be telling everyone you know what job you’d like to have, and asking them for help getting it (you never know when your brother’s dog groomer’s roommate’s connection at your dream company will come in handy!)

You’re not signed up to daily emails.

LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed all allow you to sign up for specialized alerts based on previous searching. Stop combing through ads every night and let the posts come to you!

You’re not using recruiters.

If you see a few ads for jobs you want being advertised by the same recruitment agency, email them directly and ask to be thought of when new jobs come in. If they like you, they might send you jobs before they’re advertised widely.

You’re not reviewing your CV carefully.

The purpose of a CV is to get you an interview, where you can really wow a potential employer. It’s not meant to be a recollection of everything you’ve ever done. Ask yourself what really needs to be on the CV then edit, edit, edit. If you have a friend in HR or recruitment, see if they’ll look over it for you to give you some pointers.

You’re not doing your homework.

Sending out the same blanket cover letter or CV is a rookie mistake. Research the company you’re applying to and tailor your CV and cover letter to them. Talk about why you want to work for their company (not just any company) by knowing what initiatives they’ve got going on, follow their employees on Twitter, and check out the company’s profile on LinkedIn.

You’re not using social media.

Twitter and Facebook are great places to start job hunting; be sure to search which hashtags are most common for the type of work you want, and follow company’s jobs feeds regularly. Also, make sure that your social media is squeaky clean—companies will check!

You’re not doing anything in the meantime.

Even if you have a full-time job, employers will want to see you’re invested in the community. Start a blog on your area of expertise, go to networking events, take a course to further your knowledge. It will give you something to talk about in an interview that shows you’re a well-rounded person (and will hopefully put you ahead of the competition)

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