7 People Every Career Girl Needs In Her Life


Great things are rarely accomplished alone, as there is no I in team, every Batman needs a Robin and every career girl needs a healthy, diverse and loyal entourage in her corner. Although it is much easier to remain content with a comfortable set of acquaintances, you can only grow when you evolve the world around you.

Having a great network will make glass ceilings break, leaping over hurdles painless, and climbing Mt. Everest a little more entertaining. Here are 7 people we recommend every career girl needs on her team.

A Biggest Supporter

Whether you decide to bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge or move away from family and friends for an amazing career opportunity, this person is your biggest fan and cheerleader. Your voice of motivation, this person supports your decisions, trust in your abilities and talents and at times whispers, “I so admire you.”

A Trusty Companion

There is simply nothing better than a loyal friend. A childhood bestie who has seen you at your best and worst or that soul mate that allows you to be a hot mess without judgement – the Thelma to your Louise. This person understands your thoughts and feelings instantly and keeps you grounded. A great friend is one of life’s blessings and sometimes all we need to keep us sane when your boss is not.

A Mentor

This person is someone you admire. The mentor is someone who is inspirational in their own right, full of wisdom and is a few steps ahead of you in life and career. This person is a reminder that greatness is in you, too. They do not have to be someone who shares your same occupation, it can be a friend, neighbor or a voice of authority you hope to emulate.

A Provocateur

Life would be so boring if our network consisted of the same like-minded people. Everyone needs an instigator in their life – challenging your every thought and opinions. A real headache on the surface, but go beyond and you will find this person pushes you to your highest potential.  You will need this person’s perspective and devil’s advocacy to inspire you to think differently and reach higher for world domination.

A Connector

They know everyone, everything and can’t sit still. This person is the epitome of the Who’s Who and loves connecting people and resources. With an amazing heart and generosity of a saint, this person lives by the motto that we exist to help each other. She will break down barriers and knock down doors for you when you can’t.

An Accountability Partner

The voice of progress, this person is someone you can share your goals and dreams with. Your accountability partner should share the same occupation or similar long-term life goals, because this person is charged with holding you accountable for meeting your milestones and going after your dream. You will build your career roadmap with this person, and seek their assistance in keeping you on task.

A Free Spirit

All work and no play makes you a dull girl. Therefore, this person will help you to remember that life is awesome so live it to the fullest, now. An adventurous comrade will introduce you to new cultures, ideas, activities and principles. If spontaneity and big world undertakings are not your thing, this person will keep you out of the rut that so many fall into.

For more inspiration on building your team of 7, find out why you should (and shouldn’t) go for after work drinks, and see if you have any of these 5 friends in your life.



  • camille

    Great post

  • Menellia

    Looks like i need to extend my circle a bit. Thanks for the tips.


  • Amanda Brooks

    Such a perfect list! I’m lucky enough that my trusty companion is also my biggest supporter :)


  • Melissa

    This is something I lack. I do not have an extensive circle of friends. And lately even my friends have been so busy with life that friendships have been sidelined.

  • Camille

    It’s quite difficult to find a person who knows lots of people and want to share it with others… but anyway, you’re true, every one needs a true friendship to grow in a career, who supports you no matter what!

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  • Marcelle

    I’m in need of a mentor, a connector and an accountability partner. BIG TIME.

    Specially a mentor, I’d say. :/



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