7 Pretty Things You Need On Your Office Wishlist Right Now



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Creating the perfect work environment can be the key to helping you focus and keeping you motivated throughout the day. No more looking for that lost charger, or where all your pens have gone. With these cute desk accessories, your work game has never been stronger!

1. An inspiring book

The Ultimate Blog Plan available here.

If you’re ready to get things done, the best thing you can have on your desk is a book that helps you achieve everything! The Ultimate Blog Plan is filled with inspiring chapters on how to become successful online, and it’ll keep you entertained because it’s filled with workbook exercises for every strategy, teaching you things you probably never thought you could learn! Buy it here.

2. A pretty mug


Coffee Snob Mug available here.

What you need is a mug that actually gets you. Fill this one with healthy coffee and drink it for your morning boost of energy. A white mug with gold detailing makes any desk look styled, so you can sit back and take a photo of your matcha latte! Buy it here.

3. Jo Malone Candle

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Scented Candle available here.

A candle can be just the relief you need in your office space. This one smells just like spring! So even when you’re stuck inside all day, you can pretend you’re in a nice garden relaxing. Talk about soothing scents for stressful situations! Buy it here.

4. Savoy Letter sorter

Savoy Letter Sorter available here.

This chic letter sorter will add that much needed personal touch to any office environment. It’s bold, yet minimalistic. Sturdy yet elegant. You can flood this letter sorter will all your planners and papers and it won’t fall! So if your desk seems to constantly be covered in papers dropped in by colleagues, organize it with this chic letter sorter! Buy it here.

5. A fresh notepad 

I Am Very Busy Lined Notebook available here.

How you keep your notepad is completely up to. It’s a very personal choice, but I like to assign myself two pages a day, one side to jot down any notes, the other to write down my goals of the day and my schedule. This notebook speaks to me on some level, plus you can hold it up if anyone tries to bother you! Buy it here.

6. Ananas trinket dish and clips

Ananas Trinket Dish available here.

Add more fun to your space with this pineapple shaped trinket dish! Although it comes with paper clips, you can add whatever you want in it. My own favorite? All the jewelry I tend to take off half way through work! Not only does it mean I won’t be losing any of my rings and bracelets to the black hole known as my purse, but it also means they’re always there when I want to snazz up my outfit. Buy it here.

 7. A cup for your beverage of choice 

Ban.do Lady Of Leisure Cup available here.

Whether it’s a hot coffee, a matcha tea, or a juice, you need to sip it in style. This pretty office cup can be taken with you on the go, filled at home, and refilled as many times as you need in the office. Plus, it looks really good in Instagram shots! Buy it here.

So make sure you add a bit of style to your office space with some of these gorgeous accessories! Tell us in the comments section if there are any particular accessories in your office space that you’d be lost without!

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  • Annie

    These are all so cute! :) Would love that letter sorter!


  • Nia Everal

    Some really cute ideas. Id add to that a nice pen pot or pencil case. Still loking for cute mug for work.

  • Kate @ Violetdaffodils

    Great picks! I love the blog plan book and the letter sorter :D


  • Camille

    Are people allowed to burn candles in their offices?

    • Annielka

      Haha, good observation. Usually not but when I work from home I do :)

  • amichristopher

    Love the coffee mug!


  • Annielka

    I love that pineapple paper clip dish! Cutest desk accessory ever!