6 Psychological Tricks You Can Use During Your Job Interviews

Ilse Gerard

So how do you make sure you portrait yourself the right way and give off positive vibes? CGD gives you 7 psychological tricks you can use during your job interview:

There are many different aspects during a job interview that determine whether you could be the right candidate for the position or not. It is not only what you say and how you answer the questions, but also how you present yourself. Even though, the interviewer is taking notes on the answers you gave, your body language reveals a lot about your personality and attitude so is as important as the answers you provide.

#1 – Mirror their movements

Don’t copy, but mirror the movements of your interviewer. Mirror their hand gesture and breathing, this will show that you are on the same page. So they cross their left leg, you cross your right, they touch their face, you lightly touch your hair. Make sure it is mirroring and not copying, because that might come across as creepy.

#2 – Watch your own body language

Avoid ‘closed’ body language such as crossing your arms. This can give the wrong impression to the interviewer and might come across as if you are not willing to understand. So always try to make sure you have an open and welcoming body language.

#3 – Warm up

When you arrive early, go to the bathroom and warm your hands, either with warm water or the dryer. Dry and warm hands inspire confidence according to Susan Bearry, from Quora. You will put yourself in the right mindset from the start, which will help you focus and calm your nerves.

#4 – Bond with the interviewer

Try to find a common ground between you and your interviewer in order to create a personal connection. Don’t get too personal and keep it light, such as commenting on the football club flag that might hang in their office, or, when you did research on them, compliment them on a certain successful project your interviewer did.

#5 – Read facial expressions

Facial expressions tell a lot. If you are able to read someone’s body language and facial expressions, you will get valuable feedback on how the interview is going. This way you can continue when they have a positive body language or step your game up when you get the sense that they might not be interested in you.

#6 – Take your time

It is okay to take a few seconds to think before you answer a question. Give yourself some time to compel all your thoughts together, this way your answer will sound more confident. It is always a good idea to ask for a glass of water if the interviewer asks in the beginning if you would like something to drink, this way you can take a zip if you need to give yourself a few extra seconds to think about and formulate your answers.

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  • Nadine

    Have an interview tomorrow so I love this! Thank you so much, definitely going to use these tricks! x

    • Lois

      Oee good luck tomorrow! x

  • http://AllysDays.blogspot.com Alexandra

    These will be so useful for a lot of people; including myself! Great post:)x

  • http://LizzieDripping Elizabeth Rebecca

    I’ll have to remember these at my interview tomorrow.

    Lizzie Dripping

    • Lois

      Good luck! x

  • https://shuttlewizard.com/ ShuttleWizard

    Great tips Lois!
    #6 sounds so simple but it is SO effective. If we take a few minutes before the interview to relax and think positive, and then a few seconds before every answer, we’ll do great!


  • http://msbubugirlyness.com Stephanie

    Thank you for the tips! I actually read about the mirroring for a date with a guy. Never thought of using it for an interview! Great!


  • http://www.renaissance-girl.com Laura Notorangelo

    These are great tips! Thanks for sharing. xx


  • http://www.nosebagni.com sarah

    good tips – exactly what I need right now.

    Nosebag NI | Food & Lifestyle – http://www.nosebagni.com 

  • http://petalpoppetblogs.blogspot.co.uk/ Natalie Ann

    Great tips! I’ll definitely use them if I ever get an interview!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

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