7 Reasons Halloween Should Be Every Career Girl’s Favourite Holiday

Halloween is my favourite time of year. The smell of gunpowder and smoky fire fills the air and everybody wanders around with a communal spirit, dressed up as scary (or ridiculous) monsters and embracing the silliness of the season. There are jack o’ lanterns staring out at you from every window and you can see fake cobwebs and giant spiders crawling all over your neighbours house.

It just feels like the sort of holiday that brings people together. There’s nothing that breaks the ice with strangers more than screaming your lungs off at someone jumping out from around the corner dressed as a clown, plus there’s a kind of rush involved with being scared. Here’s why Halloween should be every career girl’s favourite holiday (ok I’m biased, whatever!).

1. You can dress up as whoever you want to be

Hell yeah – dress up as Anna Wintour if you want. Or maybe you’d prefer to be Barney the dinosaur. Nobody is going to judge you for that. I for one am attempting to wear leather look leggings like these ones from ASOS. Something I’d never wear any other day of the year, but Halloween isn’t any other day of the year is it? No other holiday encourages (and expects) you to dress up as your favourite TV character, a terrifying monster or your cat.

2. Spooky stuff comes out in force

Is it just me that loves being creeped out? Something about hearing other people’s scary stories, reading our favourite bloggers ghost stories or just settling in to watch something creepy (The Woman in Black anyone?) being scared is kind of nice, but it’s even better if you can share it with friends and loved ones. Crack out the popcorn and have a movie marathon – this is the only time in the year that you can delight in being creeped out.

3. Celebrities dressing up is the greatest thing we’ve ever seen

I don’t know about you but seeing Katy Perry dressed up as a lonely Cheeto or Heidi Klum as an old lady is just the highlight of the year. I always want to go to the parties they go to, just to give them all an enthusiastic high five. While everybody gawks over celebrities and judges them 24/7, Halloween seems to be the holiday where they can say “hey, I’ve got a sense of humour too,” or “hey I’m pretty creative, who else would think to be a Cheeto?” Plus it gives us some ideas for next year!

4. Finally you can wear the makeup you’ve always dreamed of

What more do I need to say? It’s not considered socially acceptable to blur your darkest MAC Punk Couture eyeshadow into your eyebrows or cover every inch of yourself in glitter, but on Halloween it is. You can feel free to wear 7 different types of false lashes in one go and backcomb your hair because it’s Halloween! I’m looking forward to over-lining my lips and going way overboard with fake blood. If you need some Halloween makeup tutorials to have a go at, check our favourites from YouTube.

5 Being an idiot is actively encouraged

How often do you bob for apples or walk around a graveyard shrieking? Halloween festivities are the ultimate stress reliever. Never do we laugh/cry/scream more than at Halloween, and all that stress and anger from our horrible week at work or school simply melts away. At no other time is it appropriate to jump out on a group of friends and scream like we’re being murdered. It’s exhilarating!

6. The best cheat day in the history of cheat days

Okay I’m not counting Christmas or any other holiday that encourages eating, because you can still maintain some normalcy and be sensible during these holidays (“Custard? Not for me thanks I’ve already eaten half a turkey!”) Halloween has to be the only holiday that actually encourages us to ruin our teeth.

Who doesn’t love the idea of walking into the local store and grabbing armfuls of discounted sweets? Everybody around you will think you’re buying it for the trick or treating children! Ha! If only they knew.

7. You can shut the world out and do nothing

Everybody is out, the apartment/house/room is quiet. It’s your time to shine. Pop a bath bomb in, get into your cosiest seasonal wear (or onesie we don’t judge) and have a Halloween moment all to yourself. This is one of the only holidays where actively ignoring calls is actually not frowned upon. Woo!



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