7 Reasons to Visit Fiji Before You Die (Of Jealousy)

Today Kelly Mazur is sharing some tips with us for the most luxurious vacation in Fiji. She loves the finer things in life and rarely settles for less than a 5-star hotel!

Her savvy budget skills and “never take no” attitude has allowed her to enjoy luxury travel on a modest budget. She’s always looking for new ways to find the cheapest flights, and today she’s her latest tips with us!




#1 – Where to stay?
Choosing which resort to stay at is crucial. My top choice is Nanuku Auberge Resort because of their luxury villa accommodations that come with a private pool, yoga pavilion, and personal concierge. This 5-star resort has a beautiful property and a team of staff that truly understand luxury travel. If you want world-class service, this resort is for you. For a real treat try their penthouse villa suite with sweeping views of the beach and a stunning infinity pool!

Career Girl Daily Fiji Snorkeling

#2 – Let’s relax
Unwind and leave your city stress behind with a relaxing massage to start your Fiji vacation. Most high-end resorts in Fiji use a line called “Pure Fiji” that’s locally made and absolutely divine. After your massage, treat yourself to some products to bring home. Their Coconut Milk & Honey collection will keep that spa feeling long after your massage ends.

Bonus tip: You can also purchase Pure Fiji products at the Nadi Airport on your way home!

#3 – Time to hit the beach
Want some secluded beach time? Fiji has over 300 islands and many of the private islands can be visited if arranged with your resort or tour company. Some resorts (like Nanuku Auberge) even have their own island and will take you out there for the day with a bottle of wine and lunch for a very memorable picnic. Visiting one of the smaller islands also guarantees you’ll see incredible beaches since these beaches are famously known for being nicer than the main island.

Kelly Ella Maz_Fiji Spa

#4 – Yoga time
Start your day right with a sunrise yoga session to get your body and mind ready for a great day in Fiji. Lots of luxury resorts will offer free yoga sessions, and even provide you with a yoga mat in your room. Take your mat poolside or onto the sand for an awesome view with your vinyasa! Finish off with a refreshing smoothie made with local fruits before heading to breakfast. Who’s ready to take on the day?

#5 – Dinner by the beach
Whether you’re traveling with your significant other, a group of girlfriends or even your family, plan to have at least one dinner by the beach during your Fiji vacay. Even on the main island you are so far from any major cities that the stars are incredibly bright, making for a sensational dinner setting. Orion’s Belt can be easily viewed in the summer months – how’s that for a dinner view?

#6 – Try some Kava
You can’t leave Fiji without trying kava, a traditional Fiji drink. Lots of luxury resorts will have traditional kava ceremonies at night where you can try this unique drink for yourself in a culture-filled evening. The taste leaves little to be desired, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying this once in a lifetime experience!

Kelly Ella Maz_Fiji

#7 – Diving and snorkeling
Fiji has some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world so don’t leave without trying one of these water activities. I recommend heading out in the morning while the water is still calm because it will be easy to see everything. The water in Fiji is crystal clear and you’ll have plenty to see; including octopus, starfish, tropical fish and even small reef sharks.



This article was written by Kelly Mazur; founder and editor of the travel blog KellyEllaMaz.com.

  1. So SO gorgeous, take me their for some relaxation!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Fiji looks like an amazing place, would love to visit here someday!


  3. These photos.. oh my.. what I would do to be there right now!

    Becca xx


  4. *Drool* I need fiji in my life!! It has always been my dream vacation :)


  5. Went here on my honeymoon and it WAS a trip of a lifetime. Kava was quite an experience :)

  6. another Island paradise on my bucket list for sure, even before viewing these gorgeous pictures! :) Hawaii, Fiji and Tahiti it is! now all I need is a generous lottery winning! :)

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