7 Selfie Mistakes You Might Be Making

You either love it or you hate it; the selfie is a controversial photo-taking method. And with the newly redesigned front-facing camera on the iPhone 6s, selfies are only bound to grow in popularity. If you’re going to venture in that direction, you may as well learn how to do it right…or at least, learn what not to do. Here are seven of the biggest selfie mistakes:

1. Getting too close to the camera

Maybe getting closer will cut out the view of your messy bedroom or block the camera from capturing your unicorn pyjama set. But on the other hand, getting too close will just shed light on all of the features you don’t want to highlight.

2. Over-posing

Cheesy, cheesy, cheese. When it’s obvious that you’re trying too hard, you’ve gone too far.

3. Giving yourself a trying-to-be-artsy caption

Captions and hashtags are at least 50% of the work in making a good Instagram pic. But metaphorical, alternative captions have become the latest social media cliché.

4. Faking a candid

Have you ever noticed that people trying to stage a candid don’t look casually candid? They look staged. Purpose defeated.

5. Getting excited with filter effects

Some filters are classy, some light leaks look natural, but irrational combinations of the two can make your photo look worse quality than you started off with.

6. Posting too many

In social media language, there’s value in the selfie. What I mean is that selfies – if done properly – produce a lot of ‘likes’. However, when you post selfies too often, they begin to lose their value. The more selfies you post, the less people will pay attention, if you care about that kind of thing.

7. Overanalyzing

It’s social media; it’s harsh, critical, and unrealistic. Don’t take anything you see or hear personally. That is to say, don’t sit up awake at night thinking about a comment on your selfie. It’s not worth it.

‘Selfie’ just made it into the dictionary, so I suppose it’s something we should start taking seriously. Is there a process; a 5-step guide? Nope. Not yet, but maybe one day. For now, it’s all about trial-and-error. Hopefully, these tips will get you ahead of the game.

Written by Britany Powell.