7 Signs That You Are Hitting Your Quarter Life Crisis

7 Signs That You Are Hitting Your Quarter Life Crisis

If you are anywhere between your late teens to your early thirties, you may well be experiencing the quarter-life crisis. Being a ‘young adult’ is supposed to be the time of your life, but doubt, fear of responsibility and the stress of becoming an adult can make it anything but. You’re now in the real world, and here are 7 signs that you are not handling it as well as you had hoped:

1) You refuse to admit that you are an adult

You’re not a teenager and you’re not an adult, you are lost somewhere in between. You have a job, bills and your own place, but you still take your washing home to your mum on weekends.

2) You spend more Friday nights in your PJ’s watching Netflix than you do clubbing

 The thought of squeezing your feet into heels and your waist into a figure hugging dress haunts you. You have waited all week for the weekend, but when it comes to it you’re more than happy to spend the whole of it in bed.

3) You’ve got a job, but still no career 

That 9-5 that was just supposed to get you some money and is still what you drag yourself to every day, 5 years on. You’re still completely clueless about what you want to do with your life and keep on promising that you will get your big break one day.

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 4) All of your friends are in a relationship that may as well be classed as marriage

Your friends are always busy with their partners, and now always want to go for a coffee instead of a drink. Whenever you are with them you are introduced as ‘the single friend’, and you’re pitied for not being able to find a love like theirs. 

5) You think about quitting and moving abroad several times a day

The savings that you have been building, but you have no idea what for, are finally looking as though they might have a purpose. You could ditch the office, your friends and the bad weather with a one-way flight out of here, there’s just one thing missing… the nerve to actually do it.

6) You have become an expert budgeter

 Every time you spend any money you think about what you could have bought instead. Money on alcohol could be better spent on food, and money on clothes could be better spent on living. You have a fear of money being wasted, and you make a pros and cons list before every purchase.

7) You are convinced that your twenties were not supposed to be like this

You can’t help but think back to how you imagined your twenties were going to be. You were going to have successful career, a long-time partner and a quirky loft conversion in central London, and every time you are reminded that you have none of those things you feel like you’ve failed.



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