7 Signs You Are Definitely In The Right Career

large (1)For a typical career woman having the right career is extremely important, but how do you know if you are in the right career? It is essential that your career makes you happy and earns you a living but getting on the right career path is easier said than done.


Here are seven signs you are in the right career.

 #1 – You are passionate about your career.
You do what you love and you love what you do, and you are so passionate about what you do. Plus, you cannot stop going on and on about how much you love what you do!

#2 – You consider your career to be more than just a job.
You work isn’t just a job. It is not a dead-end job. There is a lot more to it. You don’t call your job a job. You call it a career and you are more than happy to view it as a part of your identity. On top of that, you enjoy the perks and the opportunities of the role!

 #3 – It makes you happy, fulfilled and content.
You feel happy and satisfied with your work instead of feeling an overwhelming sense of doom, gloomy and dread, and you feel confident enough to undertake any challenges work may throw your way.

#4 – You don’t mind getting up on a Monday morning.
Monday mornings are absolutely awful, and can be dreary and dull. Getting up to get ready and commute during London’s rush hour can feel really tiresome, especially after having a relaxing and chilled out weekend.But you don’t mind because you feel overjoyed and excited at the fact that you have got a fantastic job to go to!

 #5 – You feel so motivated.
You are willing to put all the effort into what you do and you are willing to dedicate as much time as possible to your role. You don’t feel the ‘slump’ and you don’t feel as though you are constantly watching the clock and waiting for the time to pass quickly so that you can leave the job behind and rush home.

 #6 -You can afford the things you want…
…as well as paying for the things you need, such as rent, bills, insurance, etc. Yes, your career is about the passion and it is not purely about the money but having a good salary is quite important. However, you don’t feel as though you are surviving from paycheck to paycheck, and you are able to treat yourself once in a while!

#7 – You feel a sense of autonomy.
Your career allows you to exercise the ability to be autonomous, confident and assertive, meaning that you are able to feel as though you are your own person in your own right and you are able to remain self-assured and hold your own within the workplace. Your career gives you a sense of self-control, and it enables you to grow and progress. In addition to this, your career helps to aid you in personal development and it gives you essential opportunities for you to establish yourself.


  • Carrie Leber

    great list!

    • Roxanne

      Definitely a goal for everyone!

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    Feeling happy is what you need – more important than money in my opinion.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Daphny

    As a professional blogger and journalist I can almost check everything off that list, so that’s awesome! Grateful!

    xxx Daphny


    • Celina


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